21.co Social network: Steem Killer or Free Crypto? You decide.

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21.co has refocused their priorities to building a social network that is fueled upon cryptocurrency. Sounds familiar...

They are issuing a token that restricts peoples ability to communicate with you by email based on a fee the recipient defines. Instead of giving out your email address, 21.co offers you a personalized 21.co URL that you hand out. In order for people to communicate with you, they have to buy into their token. The recipient sets the limitation on how much money is required (in USD) to send them a message. The sender uses the USD equivalent of the token to send the message.

For instance, I can set up my 21.co account to charge $5 worth of their token every time someone wants to message me. If i give my personalized 21.co URL, 21.co/unclemusclez, any other user on the 21.co platform can then send me a message, granted they pay me $5 worth of the token.

Each user can also customize their profile to include information like biography and interests, as well as provide secondary links to other services they use, like LinkedIn, GitHub, Facebook, etc.

You can also donate (and advertise that you are donating) portions of the fees you charge to a select group of, charities. I chose Black Girls Code. More info on them here.

If you would like to contact me for further information, please reach me at 21.co/unclemusclez. There is a fee of ~$100 per message, so make sure you don't leave anything out.

For those of you that do not remember, 21.co released the "21.co Bitcoin computer", a failed attempt at Bitcoin mining ASICs. More info on that found here.

Is this the Steemit killer? Or is it just a great way to re-purpose a spicy domain name? Either way you get free "crypto" by signing up. I also get nothing for referring you guys, so don't forget to message me 2 or 3 times so I get mineses.

Shout out to @mikeinspace and the Ethereum Plus Dojo for the hot leads... ( . )( . )
Also, check out mike's show, Bitcoin Cartalk.

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Charging people to email you? This could only work if you are a famous person lol

would be nice if it was an @ email address as well. I'd sign up for the most spam.

Works well. Still getting paid handsomely for my opinion. Usually no less than $5 for one or two questions. Sometimes higher. Paid in BTC. Great gig.