Crypto Explained: What is Stellar? (XLM)

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

In this video, we explore the cryptocurrency Stellar - including how the Stellar Consensus Protocol works, how assets are issued on the network and the distributed exchange which allows you to easily trade these assets without the need for a centralized exchange.


Not sure I'd you follow you Steemit posts but thanks for explaining the whole consensus issue. As I understand it Ripple still uses the old and broken algorithm right? Which is why they actually still have a single Ripple controlled master node in control of it - to avoid the bug that Stellar fixed?

I notice you didn't mention anything about the AML features in Stellar and ability to freeze funds although that is implicit in the IOU system right. If you don't actually get a token, just an IOU for it then the person that created the IOU can just say Nope! and refuse to let you spend your wealth. Kinda like the US Dollar... It's just a debt instrument. Is that right?

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