Mining through school computer?!

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Hey Steemians,

I got this crazy Idea today about cpu mining. This may or may not be illegal (please inform me). But my idea was to go into the computer lab that is home to over 100+ computers which are all owned by a University and start a miner program on as many as I could.

Although there will be some barriers to jump, including being able to sign into all of the them at the same time. They could probably trace it back to me if I was doing something unlawful (which I may be). There is probably a rule somewhere in the books of the University, that says crypto is considered gambling blah blah blah and I can't use their internet for it. but I thought this could spark some attention and hopefully help further or destroy my image.

I'd really like to know what you people think because I think it would be a genius idea to make some quick cash if it just happened to be for a few hours every night.
I'd obviously get some attention going my way if there were a ton of people in there and I was frantically running around to all the computers to mine on the universities electricity bill haha. So i'd have to play it cool.

I feel like I'm plotting a heist lol but I'm really not.. Just wishful thinking!! :)

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I would first check the regulations of your university, since it might be illegal, on the other hand you can try in just one and see how it goes. I use a mining program on mine, but don't expect to make much money. I also recommend the sites that appear here:


I'm familiar with cpu/gpu mining so I know the returns would be low on the scale of the university computers. but if I was running enough, I could see some return on interest hopefully. lol