Upcoming ICO: Wemark

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Name: #Wemark
Description: The blockchain-based marketplace for digital content.
Telegram: https://t.me/wemark
Web: https://tge.wemark.com/

TGE: May 7th, 2018
Type: ERC20
Soft Cap: $1.5M
Hard Cap: $8M

*** Backed with equity investments by VC’s from Silicon Valley, New York and Israel

Project description:
Starting with photos, Wemark is a new kind of marketplace for digital content. Shutterstock and Getty images control the 4B$ stock photography industry and take up to 85% of what creators earn. With Wemark, creators license their content directly to customers. They keep much more of their revenues and all the rights to their content. Customers get access to better photos at better prices. Wemark already has a working alpha with thousands of photographers signed up and submitted +20,000 photos to the platform. See more at www.wemark.com

The Founders:
CEO - Tai Kaish, has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and growth hacking for leading Israeli brands, enterprises and startups.
CTO - Pavel Elkind, a technological leader with over 10 years of experience in software engineering and managing R&D departments of successfully exited startups.
VP BD - Roy Meirom, a serial entrepreneur with years of experience in building successful partnerships and business development strategies.

Top Advisors:
Lars Perkins, founder & CEO of Picasa (now Google photos)
Keren Sachs, former content director at Shutterstock
Michael C. Lesser, former general counsel / VP at Shutterstock
Lee Torrens, marketplace director at Canva
James Currier, one of the leading investors in Silicon Valley
View the full list here: https://www.wemark.com/about#advisory

Disclaimer: This ad has been posted on behalf of someone who requested, @tuxsadh has no affiliation with the person behind the ad.

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