IS TRON THE NEXT RIPPLE? Invested in 300 Tron coins today

in cryptocurrency •  last year 

Hey Steemians,

I am neither a crypto-guru or fluent crypto maniac.
But when you follow my posts you see, that I developed a connection to this crypto hype.
My surf lessons from this post

quadrupled since i own them. All this gave me the hint to have a closer look into crypto and start to trade.
We will see where we go from that..

So I invested today in- ETC as I read another article here on Steemit.
The next Buy I took, was TRON, as this could be the next ripple.

What do you think about this trades?
Leave me a comment, and help a crypto newbie to succeed! ;)

By the way,
Binance is reopened now..

This is the way to trade, even for beginner ;)

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