Ethconnect QUICK ICO REVIEW | RED FLAGS | Potential Risks | Huge Gains? | Find Out in this QUICK Assesment

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Just like RegalCoin ETHCONNECT is poised for great success with the upcoming ICO. RegalCoin experienced a 50x gain from its ICO in August to the present day. ( ECH) Ethconnect does have it's drawbacks and in this review Trillinair goes into detail about it's red flags and potential risks of investing in the ICO.


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The results speak for itself that BitConnect is one of the most successful ICOs this past year posting an astonishing 22700% gain from its ICO price and an even more impressive 140000% return from its 15 cent low in the beginning of the year.

The fact that ETHConnect CARBON COPIED BitConnect is a testament to BitConnect’s massive success.

It remains to be seen whether ETHConnect is the work of really smart (and opportunistic) scam artists who will just run away with the $4 million USD in ethereum after day one or if they intend to follow the footsteps of Bitconnect.

My take on this: HIGH RISK/SUPER HIGH REWARD. Only invest money you can afford to lose.

Totally agree, thanks for the BitcConnect stats. Don't go betting the kids, the wife, the car but my feeling is. Although they carbon copied Bitconnect. They improved upon the home page and color scheme. Obviously their marketing has served them well and the fact that they placed hard caps on the investment lead me to believe they want more people involved at lower levels to have more promoters out there for the platform.

The kids, wife, and the house are safe even though I had a lot of thoughts on the house, not for ETHconnect, but for bitcoin. I would not be the first person who traded his life savings to go all in on bitcoin. But the wife already said no on the house.

The car, though, is another story. Who really needs a car when there’s Uber and Lyft now? :)

And if the gamble pays off, I can get a better car.

Seriously though, it is definitely high risk but the reward is much greater. The most I can lose is 100% of what I put in. The most I can win, on the other hand, is 10000%? 100000%? I bet sports and I don’t see those kind of returns in the sports I bet.

Ugh I totally forgot that World Series Game 4 has already started so I will have to cut this reply short!

Have a good day!

@tytran I agree 100% . Investing in crypto gives the chance to loose 100%, but the climbing potential and earnings are exponential considering we are on the ground. Upvoted your comment. @gold84

I wonder how fast the 8 million tokens will sell out.

@tytran which ones do you mean? @gold84

While Ethconnect targets an immediate 40x return after ICO it does pose many dangers with a few red flags. This anonymous team copies bitconnects strategy and shows no team face. If it is like Bitconnect and Regal Coin before it. It stands to make massive gains.