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What Is Nano PVP?

Nano PVP allows users to wager any amount of Nano against another player in a provably fair coinflip. Whatever side the coin lands on, the winner takes all. Currently, it is in beta testing and offers instant and free deposits/withdrawals.

How Does it Work?

On the website interface you can either create or join an existing game.

  1. To create a game, then click on the "Create Game" tab and generate a deposit address. Send any amount of Nano you wish to wager to this address. When another user accepts your wager, a coinflip will occur via random seed generation determining the winner.

  2. To join an existing game, simply scroll through the list of games that have the "Join" tab available. When you have found a game that is suitable to your budget (ie: 0.02 Nano, 10 Nano, 100 Nano) click "Join" on that game. This will generate an address for you to send your Nano wager to. Once the wager is received, a coinflip will occur via random see generation determining the winner.


Nano PVP is still in early beta stages. Issues may occur, any problems you may have can be resolved in this Reddit topic here:

Try Nano PVP here:

Where To Get Nano?

  1. Binance Exchange -

  2. KuCoin Exchange -

  3. Huobi Global -

Where To Store Nano?

  1. Mobile Wallet:

  2. Web/Desktop Wallet:

Nano PVP Development/Problem Reporting Threads:

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