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After many weeks and months of following TDV @dollarvigilante I can not help but take the time to write this letter to all staff and specially to Jeff Berwick for helping

Surviving and Prospering during and after the dollar collapse.

The story of Jeff is fascinating and to my understanding of this realm the universe has been preparing him to learn all that he teaches us now throughout all his life's struggles, take for example the fact that he was an early adopter of the internet and could foresee the future of it when nobody was talking about it and sources of information were highly centralized, real information was for the few, now a days anybody can acces and learn anything you want trough internet.

OK back to the story, he created a very successful business during the dotcom bubble his company went up to 240M USD to later loose it all, after that he sail for a while before sinking and leaving in the boat everything he had, there he was without anything and starting a journey in life traveling more than 100 countries learning all he talks about now reading the book The creature from Jekyll island that led him to create The Dollar Vigilante

What am sure of is that at the time he was going trough all this difficult times in life he could never imagine that he was just learning from the life school as he failed to learn in the

goverment indoctrination camp = goverment schools.

It would have been virtually impossible to have The Dollar Vigilante if it was not for the failure of his company which lead him to understand the reality behind the financial system.

I fully trust Jeff Berwick is truly a good guy with the sole intention of helping as much people as possible understand the evil behind the governments and for that I really want to thank you Jeff and show my most sincere appreciation.

Just remember whenever life puts you through a difficult time always look for the lesson, because it is just natural that the Universe trains you well in advance in order to overcome all future challenges, embrace them as you would embrace a good news. You can always achive anything you want just put your intention and start working on it and dont worry about how it will come thats the universe task yours is only focusing in what you really want.

Peace, Love and Anarchy


Great post!

Thanks amigo!

you are great jeff! you are awakening so many people! Greetings from Spain! :)

Great story. Please add pictures too in your future posts to make it more attractive.

What i love about him is that he seems to not only truly understand the principles of freedom but he applies them himself.
Anarchast featured so many guests, not only anarchists, but very interesting people (except that finnish breathing guy, like wtf), he is able to give there people a platform and let them do and talk about what they do, without striving to play the "main role" in his show, although he'd be able to, his solo videos are entertaining as fuck.
But please, Jeff:
Give Larken Rose a Platform, that guy is a genius but seems a little lost when it comes to business, you would be the team of the Century.

I like that he's made so many people rich and has released so much valuable information.

I share a similar sentiment, I’m new to TDV, crypto currencies, and Steemit. Gotta say I feel better, yet still nervous, about making changes for my future for my family, learning via TDV and Jeff Berwick. It’s new, it’s scary, it’s also exciting, but most importantly it’s a step towards a better way of living and investing. Definitely exciting.

Love your writing. Yes he became the student then teacher in the school of Life. Glad I became the student in his University, J Berwick University. Merry Christmas.

And he's bloody interesting. Esp his dog walks. Very entertaining. Real - so refreshing.

Great post.
Vote my please

I like people like Jeff Berwick because he lays it all out there on the line. He opens up and talks about what he is learning. And you can see it in the changes in his face.

Or, he is the biggest, bestest, baddest conman to ever live.
(but, you never know 100%)

I hope that we are entering a time when the people we look up to all have their flaws, and we see them, and understand that they are people. But, right now, we see a lot of people worship Jeff or tear him down because involved in a land deal that went south (way south)

Nice info. Am following you and vote for you. And if you like my post please do the same thing. Look at my posts.

Good stuff. This is what we like. Jeff makes money and educates and helps other people make money.

I'm a huge fan of his videos and have watched them all since I subbed to him.

Jeff is truly balanced with a sense of the street smart /worldly experience. He can sense some disturbance in the force. Hence he took time to find out more, and more he did - Bilderberg, behind the scene actors. Many like Trace Mayer (i like and respect his interviews, podcast, learning materials) are in denial or not doing enough to sniff the clues. That day will change when finally (if) Andreas starts to write or podcast with a different tune.

Hi Jeff, do you have any issues using D Tube, when uploading videos? I get through the video and photo upload and then it just keeps spinning. The video plays and is downloaded, however it will not go to final step. any suggestions? Happy new year. Who is the best contact for Feb crypto currency meet in Mexico?

i am hoping that we are getting into a time whilst the people we appearance up to all have their flaws, and we see them, and understand that they're human beings. but, proper now, we see quite a few people worship Jeff or tear him down because worried in a land deal that went south (manner south)

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