Dash Analysis 7/27 Dash-USD

in cryptocurrency •  4 months ago

As expected, DASH / USD stabilized in the $200.00 range (grey box) and thus formed its first smaller bottom.

Not much has really happened since the last analysis a month ago. However, this was not to be expected after the long-term upward trend was broken.

DASH-USD 05.png

As can be seen from the screenshot on the top side, the resistors in the range of $335.00 and a maximum of $415.00 are available as price targets for the next few weeks. I don't expect more than a rebound of this magnitude at DASH right now.

For a friendlier chart image, the price would have to recapture the old large trend line (black) and close well above it.

This is NOT investment advice and does not require buying or selling. Every reader is aware of this and makes their own investment decision with their own understanding of risk management!

Cheers Jessy

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