The Bitcoin Demand Area I'm Waiting For

in cryptocurrency •  last year 

Going to 8500 would be a sign of strength for BTC

Everyone talks about bitcoin crash, but in my opinion is a quite normal retracement, and i'm waiting till it hit the strong demand area + 61,8% fib + complete the trendline to buy and hold bitcoins.

Notice the "demand area" how the price earlier went to the moon in no time, and that's a sign of many buyers in this area.

It would be a great thing if this stuff all got sorted and the 'threat of 8K' was taken out of play. Big money has too many alternatives right now and we definitely need new money entering the space. Expect some hiccups on the way up, as people will be leaving en masse once they have recouped their losses and new retail investors are more hesitant to enter.


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Great analysis @tradewonk. It does look like it is all about support/resistance/Fibonnaci levels and fractals.

Why don't you trade using Renko charts on Tradingview? It clears out the noise significantly and you can automatically spot the fractals and trend reversals. Add a 3 EMA indicator and RSI and your set!

Do you use Elliot Wave theory in your trading decisions at all?


I just have studying candlesticks in many years, so i am used to watch them.


@tradewonk. I just came to a similar conclusion in an analysis that I posted yesterday. I was looking at the inverse correlation of ETH to BTC, projecting the trends into late February. Could you check it out and tell me what you think?


Ai có thể giúp tôi biết thời điểm nào mua coin là tốt nhất??

bitcoin will definitely pick up


Nice summary by TradeWonk.
We need to see a violent correction to below 9 000 usd, then retest it and we will have a continuation of the uptrend. This is going to be a vital refreshing for the market. Expect to see some down pressure and consolidation for the Crypto market during Feb-Mar.
HODL long and strong our portfolio

I only wish I had funds to buy more BTC,

in a market as volatile as bitcoin, is technical analysis easier or harder compared to traditional markets like stocks?


both, it allows some advantages like watching across multiple exchanges and getting a jump on trades before arbitrage kicks in on movements, but harder in other aspects like having things like ascending triangles break bearish or random impulses come out of nowhere

it is a great opportunity , good job


Thank you

I think it is great opportunity for those who was waiting for dropping the Price of BTC.



I'm really worried about the future of cryptocurrencies. Great article. Upvoted.

Good to hear been watching it for a while now an i was getting the same observation more money more money !!

very good work, it was worth translating to read it

People are scared to be greedy.
buy and hold alcoin
come to greed :)

That's right, it will happen, where investors will close and everyone goes. bitcoin will occupy the top of the peak after this phase is completed

I am glad to know that not everyone is scared about the 'crash' of Bitcoin because it's really not a crash.

it's a good post, I suspend the next post. Thank you friend @tradewonk

this article is crypto-CRAZY!

Glad to hear it, that’s reassuring. I’m basically I pretty chill guy, otherwise I’d be pissing my pants right now X-D

Lately its just discovering new lows. And the wholearket depends on BTC. Everything revolves around BTC.

HODL! The crypto matket is our (the peoples) future.

Glad to is a great opportunity . Thanks for sharing

I agree. This dip will only strengthen bitcoin and crypto currency as a whole. Just wish I had extra funds to buy right

yeah strongly agree.!!

As much as it's an opportunity, many bought it at 12k they must be sweating in their pants now

I think the very high demand area that are you mentioning was greatly amplified my media craze at the time. It was a historical level for Bitcoin. I Doubt we will find this level of growth again, unless mass media kickstarts the process again.

Is that right choice for us to invest in Cardano (ADA) ?

Great analysis, although I doubt it will fall that low.

Grande analyse @tradewonk. On dirait qu'il s'agit de support / résistance / niveaux de Fibonnaci et de fractales.

Pourquoi ne traites-tu pas les graphiques Renko sur Tradingview? Il efface le bruit de manière significative et vous pouvez automatiquement repérer les fractales et les inversions de tendance. Ajouter un indicateur 3 EMA et RSI et votre ensemble!

Utilisez-vous la théorie d'Elliot Wave dans vos décisions commerciales?
Bonne analyse de Tradewonk. On dirait que tout est question de support / résistance / niveaux de Fibonasi et de fractales.

Pourquoi n'utilisez-vous pas les graphiques de Renko sur Trdingview? Il supprime sensiblement le bruit et vous pouvez détecter automatiquement les inversions de fractales et de tendances. Ajouter l'indicateur 3 Soit et l'index de force relative et votre ensemble!

Utilisez-vous la théorie d'Elliott Wave dans vos décisions commerciales?

Don't have to micro-worry about it so much. Just wait until Chinese new year and watch the sparks fly by summer. China's ICOs are just getting started, now with strong regulation and a path forward.

HODL the door!

Very interesting analysis indeed, great work on this one @tradewonk.
Seems like another great opportunity to buy in. :)

Indeed brother. You have a great post going on here. Thanks for those powerful words

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