Ripple Price 25% Gain, Broke Trendline.

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago

Today's best performance, however, came from third-party Ripple, whose price exploded by 21 percent to exceed other top-tier crypto curves with a significant margin.

At present, the Ripple price is $ 0.91 against USD trading pairs, although it has crossed closer to $ 1 mark on South Korean exchanges, meaning significantly more XRP volume.

The primary factor behind Ripple's rise appears to be an uptick in trade in the South Korean markets as more domestic merchants appear to be performing the necessary KYC compliance to resume trading following a ban on anonymous trade in the country.


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Looking sexy! I'd say one of the reasons $XRP stands out from the rest is because it was architected for scalability and to be used with fiat currency, not to replace it.

I think Ripple will continue it's correction, same with Tron, what do you think about this analysis? Best,

Tron (TRX) - Analysis

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 17.57.00.png


If Ripple could solve tens of trillion dollar worth of transaction with cheaper and faster service, imagine how valuable it can be.

Ripple is such a strong platform. It is nice to see it starting to move in the right direction again. This is the coin that I cut my teeth on in Crypto. When I first started in August I started buying litecoin with a $50 every two week repeating transaction on Coinbase. I also decided to buy some Ripple that was selling at $.22 at the time. I ended up moving out of ripple at $3.00 so it was a very successful beginning to my crypto experience. I was able to take those profits and move them into other coins where, as most people are, I am sitting in quite the hole. Hahahaha Looking forward to that regrowth in the market!!!


you followed the golden rule - buy low sell high ! many bought high sold low, or bought low and did not sell high.....Good for you mate!

If today happens to be explosive like today, what would happen ????


We can only hope the bulls will overtake the market.

This is the kind of news we love to hear and read. Bless you sir.


My pleasure

Ripple mooning soon !

Good work ,great post.

Yeah Ripple did well today! Bitcoin Gold also skyrocketed with a increase over 55% in the last 24 hours! It finally looks like the market is stabilizing.

hoffentlich kann ich bald verkaufen den Müll

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This is good news for ripple holders
Hopefully it will continues to go up! :)

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I really regret to have bought ripple lol i bought it way to high

A lot of people seem to hate Ripple because it "represents banks" but as a vehicle for making money, you can't really deny the gains this coin has made.

I don't have too much in XRP but it's done nicely for me so far. Looking forward to seeing it grow further in 2018.

Dang ripple bagholders must be glad to see this. Hopefully a sign of good things to come

I had invested in cryptocurriency and always run in loss as i don't understand were to invest and when am loosing in crypto market...

I have been one of the believers of Ripple since the price was at 0.49$ and I have read a lot about how it works and the partnerships that they are making every week. I am pretty sure that Ripple will end up replacing the SWIFT system, so there is a lot of future there.

Also talking about technical analysis I believe that a key level for XRPUSD is 1.75$ which is the 61.8 fib level, good price to re enter again if there is some people looking to reenter at some point.

Thanks for you

Will XRP break away from Bitcoin? At least in Japan and Korea where XRP popularity seems high.

now no can can stop crypto currency all the indicators showing it will go to peak

I must buy :) Very good