I'm A Piece Of Paper And I Control Your Life

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With people fleeing Facebook and YouTube because of censorship, the case is actually, Steemit has incredibly untapped potential and demand. Your posts have value and to deny it in this "sci-fi" age we live in where you can write on blockchain's insanely!

Fiat Currency has ruled dominantly for a long time ... but even a child can understand that when you jump a balloon up, it eventually ends and they can not end up pushing money forever to build a crumbling system.

There are those of us who accept what is and do our best to exist within the framework of these rules and rules, and there are those of us who do not accept what is and pushes further in search of solutions.

Is Steemit the solution?

This can be a way to deal with the other edge of freedom of expression. Content that basically violates all or almost all values, although it may be on the spine that is stored on blockchain would not appear on the front end. What i also like about steemit is that it’s known for:

  • Fastest transaction time cryptocurrency
  • No transaction fees.
  • Compulsory expenses.
  • Liquidity rewards for trading with bootstrap.
  • Everyone who gives value must get an effort.


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Steem or any other digital decentralized currency will never replace fiat money, but they can be a source of income and wealth building instruments for many of those who are investment enthusiasts and can correctly assess risks and returns.

What worries me with steem is that content will become more and more homogenised as people seek to provide content that appeals to the main stream, in an attempt to gain more upvotes.

The danger with this is that as a community we may start to think less out of the box. People will be on a constant crusade to quickly upvote and share in the next "popular" post and move on to the next, instead of thinking deeply and perhaps working together towards solving some of this world's problems.

But I guess if people want to see cats and tanned skin, then give it to them right!

I think most of the beginners are like that, but they will quickly realise how to use steemit. Hopefully.

I guess you're right, and I suppose to retain long term followers, people will generally have to find a niche, a particular area of specialised interest that a group of people want to follow... things like a cooking channel and so on...

I don't think that will be a problem. Just look at YouTube, the most popular creators are often those who are most controversial (and now getting demonetized).

One thing that must be avoided at all costs is that this platform does not turn into a reddit or quora

Every word man , right on point

I think that once the platform evolves Steemit will really thrive. It feels a bit clunky at the moment but it will get better. DTube is a really great step forward. Maybe a separate social network platform (similar to facebook) could come next.

It's just a matter of time, Zuckerberg will run out of Facebook users it's just time, and the money? Yeah it controls people

It is indeed just matter of time. Blockchain is the new internet.

haha blockchain is the new internet haha. @tradewonk, i believe it is time to officially follow you, lol

"society breeds convention,
Individualism breeds invention"

Blockchain money is the future for sure, nice article

Short, Simple but yet very informative.

What would you therefore say is the future of steemit in about a year or three from now?

Price prediction? Hopefully +$100 and in top 500 on Alexa.

STEEM needs more targeted advertising on facebook, I think this would be a lucrative userbase for STEEM to exploit.

I'm concerned with the racist videos and things that will be shown and my kids being exposed. WIll there be any security features for children?

thanks for the prediction, let's keep our fingers crossed

Steem is the future...

What about now?

Well said :) couldnt agree more -.-

I have only been using steemit for a week and I am blown away at how amazing this platform is. Yes I think for sure it can be the solition

Welcome :-)

Resteemed for visibility! Great perspective man!

Thanks buddy!

now about 20 thousand steemians and steem has problems with bandwidth. Facebook is billions users. still need to work on scaling

Don't know if i understood you correct, but 20k ? more likely 600k steemians :-) but yes still way to go, but steemit is growing fast.

"20,302 accounts have both an "#introduceyourself" post and also specified a location"

Great post and i'm sure if everyone knew about steemit, and that you actually get paid for basically doing what you're already doing on other platforms. If this was more commonly known, steemit would be more popular. As the year goes on more people will make the switch from facebook to steemit. Thanks for sharing.

My pleasure

I feel that Steemit is v1 of the solution, just like Friendster and MySpace were v1 of social networks. What we have here is special and I hope it becomes the dominant blockchain-based social platform, but I wouldn't be surprised either if something radical came along to outpace it. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen...I love it here!

~ Kevin

Agree, but with that grow, steemit looks like is has a bright future.

They Live is probably Roddy Piper's finest film.

Enjoy the vote and reward!

Really. Without money we can't do anything. Fufufu..

Wao, incredible. Thank you very much. Greetings from Venezuela.

Facebook could be the next Myspace

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I love this post! I found Blockchain around 6 months ago, and it's actually given me hope that the human race can move onto the next phase of our evolution. Power-to-the-Minions!

La verdadera fuerza de steemit radica en la comunidad,donde podamos apoyar e incentivar las iniciativa de los talentos emergente, básicamente opino que esta plataforma puede ser usada para captar grandes talento el poco tiempo que tengo como usuario e visto grandes trabajos,quizás no muy lejo,empresas importante estara solicitando nuestro portafolio ya que la mejor carta de presentación la estamos proyectando,con nuestras obras,saludos y deseo los mejores exito para todos.

I hate Rothschild.

I believe in Steemit and its future.
Post well written and lovely

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Crypto in general is a lifeline from the debt based economy. It amazes me how many people are unfamiliar with how fiat currency works. Fractional-reserve banking allows banks to create money out of thin air, based on nothing, with no real value and create debt. The money is to be paid back, plus interest from money that doesn't exist - so the banks print and lend more money. Perpetual debt. It is a racket and will continue to be. People I know are hesitant to invest in crypto because it 'isn't real' yet they think dollars created out of thin by corrupt institutions are real. I highly advise anyone to start educating themselves on alternatives because the blockchain technology is revolutionary.

I agree with some of the other comments: people also let themselves be controlled by crypto. There is a lot of bad or generic content on steemit from people who are purely focused on making money instead of contributing. There's also a lot of bots who abuse the reward pool. It is sad how human greed can influence projects like Steemit so much. Hopefully we cab find a way to combat this as a community.

Ripping up the Note is also Illegal in some countries so in itself it has you on the brink.

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