CryptoWatch Today - Thursday, March 1, 2018

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Welcome to the CryptoWatch Today for Thursday, March 1, 2018.

🔊 Latest News Headlines:

  • Porsche ‘First’ To Test Blockchain Technology
  • $1 Trillion Money Manager Just Joined the Crypto Frenzy
  • Top 3 Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ripple price analysis: No fears to new regulatory initiatives
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Today's Top 5 Biggest Gainers and Losers:

💰 24 Hour Biggest Gainers

Influxcoin (INF) 339.02%

SaluS (SLS) 186.63%

EncrypGen (DNA) 97.13%

UnbreakableCoin (UNB) 89.40%

MktCoin (MLM) 43.63%

💣 24 Hour Biggest Losers

ZClassic (ZCL) -78,92%

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) -58.51%

Riecoin (RIC) -33.53%

Mintcoin (MINT) -25.26%

POLY AI (AI) -30,60%

📰 Latest News Headlines:

Porsche ‘First’ To Test Blockchain Technology

Automobile manufacturer Porsche is exploring Blockchain apps in its vehicles in cooperation with the Berlin-based startup XAIN. In their press release published Feb. 22, Porsche stated that the company is “the first automobile manufacturer to implement and successfully test Blockchain in a car.”
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Other sources:

$1 Trillion Money Manager Just Joined the Crypto Frenzy

Add Wellington Management Co. to the list of mainstream investors getting serious about digital coins. The Boston-based firm with $1 trillion under management is considering including cryptocurrencies in some portfolios.
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Top 3 Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ripple price analysis: No fears to new regulatory initiatives

Financial regulators keep trying to keep the Crypto sphere under their control, as news crossing the wires about new initiatives by regulatory institutions in China and the United States.
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📊 Steem Price Update

Daily Chart

❶ Total accounts: 779.285 ( +1,097 in 24h )
❷ Alexa Global Rank: 962 ( -5 in 24h )
❸ Market Cap: $817.233.420
❺ Price in USD: $3,2
❹ 24h Change: -2,41%
❻7d Change: -8,54%

Total Market Capitalization: $452.100.035.227

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