Berlin: The BlockShow is coming back to Europe - Largest Conference Ever

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Cointelegraph's BlockShow Europe 2018 is one of the key international platforms for presenting innovative blockchain solutions that highlight the hottest industry trends and sensations and bring together the global blockchain community. The conference will take place on 28 and 29 May in Berlin - in one of the largest European centers for FinTech and a capital for many trend sectors and industries.

As an international event, BlockShow brings together the global blockchain community and showcases several new solutions for implementing and improving blockchain technology. The conference offers exclusive insights into exciting projects and ICOs and introduces the blockchain to the world. The team strives to showcase the industry's most disruptive use cases and bring companies together with the blockchain.

The BlockShow Europe 2018 will attract more than 3,000 guests, 120 partners, more than 70 globally recognized speakers and much more. As was the case last year, venture funds and entrepreneurs from all over the world are welcome guests looking for new projects and business opportunities. Each participant will have the unique opportunity to win new customers.

In addition, the event provides a platform for companies to introduce their new products, receive feedback on their new solutions, and share their thoughts in a panel discussion and on stage.


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Another new perspective that is opening up for the future of Cryptocurrecy. The number of guests and partners who will participate in this event gives us an idea of its importance. Thank you @tradewonk for this good news

Informative post.Thanks for sharing it

its really very informative post dear @tradewonk thanks for shareing this cryptocurrency)))

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It a good opportunity to meet new people, and to know about their blockchain experiences.


Yeah totally, can you imagine the new things you could learn while being there...

nice to hear the great news.

Hopefully major players will be there and will make new partnerships and discuss valuable ideas.... oh wait! they will go there and show their ego and try to outsmart everyone out!


Hahaha yeah this space does feel like its controlled by ego at times...

This is a good attempt to salvage what's left of crypto and preserve it. I hope they address peculiar issues that affect the blockchain, like scam ICOs, inconsistent fluctuations (particularly those with human prints written all over etc).

Thanks for the information


I totally agree someone needs to try sort out this space with all the scam ico's

Looks like one of the bigger conferences and good opportunity to get PR for startups.

Great post thanks for the update, now I wish I didnt stay in Africa as all the cool events are happening in Europe