7 Major Companies That Accept Cryptocurrency

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Digital currency or cryptocurrency becomes more widely known and known to the public as time passes. In addition, increasing numbers of companies accept it as a form of payment for goods and services every day.

There are several different types of crypto currency that companies can accept as payment for goods and services. Although not everyone currently does, there are more than 7 companies that accept crypto currency.

7 Major Companies That Accept Cryptocurrency


In August 2017, Overstock.com announced their acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for goods they sell. They will take not only Bitcoin, but Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Monero as well.


Expedia is another of the major companies that accept cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin. However, buyer beware. Once you begin a transaction with Expedia using Bitcoin you can’t cancel it.


Subway is another major company that is now accepting cryptocurrency

They have followed suit by allowing bitcoins to be traded for meal items. Whether or not they will begin accepting Ethereum, Tether, or any other form of cryptocurrency is not yet known.


Bitcoin is accepted by PayPal as a form of payment. It’s run through payment processors such as GoCoin, Coinbase, and BitPay. They are one of the first companies to begin accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for transactions completed through them.

In the future they are also considering the use of Ethereum, as well as other cryptocurrencies.


You can set up your own online shop through Shopify much like you could through other platforms like eBay or Etsy. As early as 2013, Shopify became one of the well-known companies that accept cryptocurrency.

The form of cryptocurrency they are accepting right now is Bitcoin. It is possible they may accept others in the future.


It appears that Microsoft first began accepting Bitcoin cryptocurrency back in December of 2014. In the last couple of weeks they announced they would stop accepting it but reversed the decision just days later.

This may not be the first time they have made the statement that they will no longer accept Bitcoin. In 2016 a similar declaration was made. But, it was overturned as well. Time will tell whether or not Microsoft will continue accepting any form of cryptocurrency for its products.


Pizzaforcoins is one of the early companies that accept cryptocurrency. In fact, they accept over 50 different kinds of cryptocurrency.

They started taking it in early 2013. They are so enthusiastic about cryptocurrency that it’s the only form of payment they accept. Of course, they are not available for everyone because not every city or town has a pizza restaurant connected to them.
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There are many more sites and outlets which are accepting Bitcoins. These major companies are helping us grow and I hope people will start to use cryptocurrencies for transaction instead of investing purpose only.

this is great for the commuity..hopefully soon any currency could be used everywhere..what do you think is stopping these companies from allowing us to pay with crypto?isnt it safe on both sides?

Interesting! I think once companies figure out how to easily refund into crypto, you'll really see a takeoff and then crypto values jump!

(also subway taking bitcoin is hilarious to me)

Yes, the question is if bitcoin will be replaced with a cryptocurrency that are faster and cheaper.

I honestly don't think this is going to happen because it's pretty much difficult to replace bitcoin by any other cheaper coin in today's date!
Not so easy task though.

Now thats some great information! definently going to follow to keep upto date!

Good describing that show people can easily understand learn about crypto currency.
Resteem it.

I am very pleased with these companies that accept cryptocurrencies especially those ones that accept not just only Bitcoin . These companies are really pushing cryptocurrencies to Eldorado.

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the start-up of very large and well-established companies is signaling that they will start using the same systems in medium and small companies in the near future. Maybe it is a good time to invest in Shan. it will provide a very good increase not only in BTC but in other currencies.

I also came across this which is promising for travellers Brisbane airport is accepting Crypto currencies in their outlets in conjunction with TravelbyBit, lets hope this is adopted worldwide.


It's very informative

More and more Companies want to be in Cryptocurrency before other.
Smart people see the future in Cryptocurrency and want to jump in.

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