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Parkres is a Decentralized Parking Reservation System. Toronto based tech startup Parkres announced today that its ecosystem — which let’s users find and reserve a parking… Parkres is the worlds first patented smart parking system, so any one creating similar product would have to take license from Parkres or take its franchise to operate.

Car parking is a serious problem in my city, Canada in general and Germany, United Kingdom in particular.

In today’s world where a car has become a necessity rather than a luxury, parking has
become an equally important of day-to-day life. Any place you travel, the first
thing to consider is parking apart from a gas station. With the population explosion and
more vehicles on the street than ever in the history of a mankind, it is becoming more
and more difficult to accommodate the traffic on the street. And so the parking places

This problem has been associated with the exceptional growth in the number of cars, buses, trucks, and other modes of transportation over the past few decades.

PARKRES is just about to change that.

Introducing PARKRES

PARKRES is a decentralized parking management and tracking platform.
PARKRES aims to bring revolution in parking system and introduce cryptocurrencies into our everyday life.

PARKRES SYSTEM consists of hardware components like sensors,transponders, gateways, multiplexers,transmitters etc. and also many software modules and components.


As a utility token and a value token traded on exchanges, it will offer discounted parking rates to token holders.
PARK tokens are only going to be available when needed. For instance, when a token is purchased it will be created, and when a token is used it will be burned. The process should make sure the value of the token will be stable.

PARKRES would make money mostly from its API monetization. User subscriptions, licensing, franchise and revenue sharing model with parking providers
Token Information:

Symbol: PARK
Exchange rate: 1 PARK = 0.5 USD
Purchase with: ETH, BTC

ICO/ITO Schedule:
Private Sale: 1st May - 15th July 2018 Sell 10,000,000 PARKRES (PARK) with 70% Bonus (COMPLETED)

Pre-Sale: 15th Aug - 15th Sep 2018 Sell 20,000,000 PARKRES (PARK) with 15% Bonus

Public Sale: 1st Nov- 30th Nov 2018 Sell 55, 000,000 PARKRES (PARK)


Parking today is like a lifeline, especially in the downtown,for every metropolitan city.
The Downtown Business Association said there are 85 parking facilities downtown in a mix of surface lots and parkades, both above and below grade.

Parkres would provide all the infrastructure setup and app integration, console installation free of cost to the managed parking locations/partners; this will give parking provider more business and cutting edge technology at no costs, and will encourage masses to adapt to Parkres platform.

Website :
For website support please send an email : [email protected]

Please take a moment and read Parkres Whitepaper, which includes Parkres roadmap and vision.

Parkres latest Blog/Update for PARK :


Check out Parkres community links:

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Author : PeterCarlos
BTT Profile link :;u=2104524


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