Roger Ver (BU) vs Tone Vays (SegWit) - Bitcoin Scaling Debate!

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A discussion between Roger Ver and Tone Vays about Bitcoin Unlimited and Segregated Witness.

There are many benefits from segregated witness and would that be a reason to buy bitcoin?

What do you think? Should SegWit be activated?


What year is this where cameras film in 360p? Is Blockstream in charge of scaling up the camera footage as well?

I like the placement of the microphone arm though.

Commenting mainly to remind myself to watch this later.

Emphasizing on Roger's comments & ideas,I doubt the degree of freedom that is going to exist in the Cryptocurrency Network once SEGWIT gets launched.... The amount of success that the Bitcoin Network is having right now is I believe to be due to the

  • Decentralization
  • Freedom of transactions

But at the same time, the size of this Economy has drastically increased the time required for a transaction, meaning that, if the resources aren't boomed, we risk saturation , at which there is more than sufficient probability of a group of Bitcoin holders losing their Money and hence ultimately it would lead to the degradation of the economy, for solving which, steps like SEGWIT are necessary.

Then again, the Economy booms more with freedom.

Someone should contact Roger Ver and tell him that his views will not be censored on Steemit

Maybe I will start spending more time here too.

For sure Roger.
Steemit prides itself on non censorship. People can disagree or down-vote but because Steemit is on the blockchain it can not be altered, removed or silenced.
I got into Bitcoin because of a documentary on which I saw you telling about it. It was your passion that moved me to get involved back in 2013. Seeing you in that interview changed my life. There is no question about that.
After that I was running around telling all my friends and family about Bitcoin, most of whom laughed at me actually. Needless to say they dont laugh anymore.
I am but a mere struggling artist but I saw your vision and wanted to be part of it. I saw how it can liberate creativity in all areas of life.
I like to trade in Crytpo-currency, as a hobby really, but only last night I was on Poloniex and there was a discussion about you.
I can tell you that the vast majority were in your favor. Segwit was not a popular choice at all.
At least that was the impression I got.
One thing was perfectly clear though. was that you have huge respect and admiration in the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin would not be where it is today without your driving force behind it and that goes a long way.
On Steemit you will have a voice and it will be listened to. The typical Steemit member is not like any other in my experience. They read carefully, they are deep going and they discuss matters in an in depth manner.
Thanks for responding Roger, that has made my day @rogerkver

Amen. Well, the whale downvotes and flags clearly are censoring and tied as usual to the top 1% in life doing whatever they want, no matter the outcomes or harm.

I posted on this too and have to find the one with you and Roger still.

Just stopping in to say hi Trace.

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