Ardor fractal: this is too easy

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Easy to spot fractal, It shows a classic cycle of accumulation / distribution.

The purple arrows show the first step of accumulation.

Although it lasts a few weeks, it's not long enough to reduce sufficiently the floating supply: those are the tokens held by short-term minded people, they are likely at loss and will take the first chance to sell their bag.

It brings us to the blue arrows. Intelligent investors will absorb the bear move and continue filling their bags, they will hold until it gets them real profits: this reduce dramatically the quantity of coins available on the market.

And who say reduced supply, say higher prices 😉

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Interesting post, specially because you are explaining the info we are seeing in the graphics, I'm new in all of these and want to learn this kind of stuff.

In a few lines you say what we want to know, easy for you to read what it say and easy for us to understand it, so thank you very much.

Thanks 😀

I try to go straight to the point, instead of writing long & boring blocks of text.

This is what I like, straight to the point, no more pointless reading. Great article, you have a follower.

Haven't used fractals for trading before, looks promising

It is hard to sue you if I lose and I am quiet sure you won't go to jail. Likely you will not be found or even sue me for slander and defamation so I will start with following you

Yeah, follow me or I sue you 😜

LOL that is an option as well

I have never heard about Ardor. I just trade in Binance. Thanks for sharing.I've also check it after your post. It seems there is profit 👍 I'm gonna deposit to Bittrex and buy some Ardor.

Thanks for pointing out Ardor. I have a small bag that I bought a little higher for a long.

I knew that Ardor will be dumped after last pump. People accumulated to get free coins from snapshot. After they earned enough nobody could stop them from cashing out. I like this opportunity to buy because this chart looks good but first i have to check Airdrop roadmap, latest news and development before I even think to buy.

Your blog posts are really awesome. I enjoy watching your posts

Spot on! Thanks resteemed.

Can you sell ardor and buy steem?

You technically can. But should you ? I wouldn't, for the moment.

Always good advice thanks

No problem to exchange them.

yay gonna go up

No mystery here 😉

Great post, your thoughts are awesome..

hey @toucancrypto
I really enjoy reading your posts, I see your blog every day🌷
thanks for shareing ❤

Thanks 😀


hope you are right ! depends on btc action i guess

nice and great post!

Your content is very good!

a very nice post @toucancrypto, this is very useful for everyone, and especially for myself. Because this is a new science for me. Because I want to learn more about Crypto and get to know about the market. Thanks for sharing,,, :)

Good work dear @toucancrypto
Thank you for sharing...

Your post show me the right way to earn cryptocurrency. Graphs makes it more esy to understandable.

Its so informative and I believe to learn more!

Interesante post, sigue asi!

I like your post. Short and straight to the point. Of course we have to take into considerations other market signals.

Interesting article,,I hope this is a good platform which added to BTC Convert.

Thanks for the chart 😉
I'm sure we will see ardor above its 2$ ATH in a few months

Looks like great buy to me.

Saludos, interesante información...

very interesting post you think creatively

Looking more at manipulation than technical analysis for the price movements. Extremely difficult to implement technical analysis when Whales can instill fear in the market to drive a sell off by many investors.

There is no manipulation. There is only strategy.
Yes, whales have strategies to induce a second sell if they think there is too much floating supply. It allows them to accumulate more and to increase the power of the incoming rally.

So, you better understand their moves and follow them.

This is true what you say. You can see pattern in market behavior. Accumulation, dump, sell off, pump.

Interesting.. So you are implying there is no type of pump and dump that take place at all and news outlets being biased towards the interests of large institutiuonal players in the game.

It just doesn't make sense how a Warren Buffet headline about his opinion on Bitcoin was in the news for multiple days and even a week after to remind the public of his stance on Bitcoin

It's extremely difficult to understand the moves of millionaires that have the power of influence over the average people. To have a simple understanding of their strategy which is buy at the lowest price and sell when there are profits is all most of us should decipher at the least. The average investor will be fearful when the price falls and greedy when the price rises. Institutional investors will take advantage of that thought process every day because they know institutional investors will always be fearful and greedy at the wrong time

A lot of people on bitcointalk and reddit rant about manipulation, with constancy.
They lost money and get angry at random news, trying to find a culpable, a victim.

They are bad traders.

Agreed, I like taking advantage of it to be honest, that's the fun part haha! You either follow what they do or complain about it and lose.

They are behind all pumps and market manipulation. Because they can afford that and this what they do for so long.

Simple for ppl to understand. Very nice. Keep it up. I do technical analysis on bitcoin everyday if anyone is interested in following for that - about as simple to understand as this is :) Its how it should be. So nice job. @cryptohippo

I like the Keep It Simple principle 👌

The cycle does not exist. Price behavior in technology auctions has no memory. Only operates the demand and price of bitcoin.

Price behavior in technology auctions

We are not talking about the behaviour of price. Price can not behave. Humans do.
All human beings operate on the same mental matrix.

Only operates the demand and price of bitcoin

Only operates humans, and their cycle of greed and fear.

Metaphorically. Only the demand and the price of bitcoin are INVOLVED.
Greed and fear in the markets lack a pattern when there are few objective references

Only the demand and the price of bitcoin are INVOLVED.

The price is derived from the demand.
The demand is derived from greed and fear.

So greed and fear are blind to demand and price. And nothing changes as long as the emotions don't make waves.
Have you ever sold anything?

greed and fear are blind to demand and price


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