Davincij15 talks To Cryptoblood About Bitcoin

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This is a very good interview, between an up and coming channel in Crypto, from Cryptoblood. He mentions in this interview, that he's been in crypto since 2013. Starting this out he says that Davincij15's videos started showing up in his recommendations. As he started to ask around, people were telling Cryptoblood this is something he needs to talk to.

Davincij15 has been calling a lot of things right for quite sometime now. A few weeks back, an article came out, and more followed, about how this just may be Satoshi Nakamoto. Of course, Davincij15 denies that he is Satoshi, but hisvideos are pretty accurate, in many areas of the crypto space, going back at least 5 years. I watched one of them, where he talked about investing "Just $1" ... and I wish I knew about him them.

More importantly I wish I would have been wise enough to take him up on that advice.

Check out the interview now....

Here are a few points I really liked that I feel will benefit, and even educate those who take time to watch this. First, as black men we do deal with so many microaggressions when we are educated. We meet resistance, and get treated 'differently' from our white 'peers'. So many good ole boy systems, cultures, and ideals persist into 2019. So many recent events in the nation reveal, that indeed, several people still believe in 'supremacy of race'. Educated black men pose a threat to all stereotypes, and challenges for power that they would ever seek.

So it's always great to see black people networking, and moving together - in this cold world - that does all it can to stop that from happening....

Secondly, Cryptoblood points out, and Davincij15 agrees, that 'people who understand financial markets' are attracted to crypto. I also, totally agree with this statement. It's the people who 'get' the fed, the irs, taxes, gold/silver, stocks, bonds, supply & demand.

The people who already grasp those concepts, "get" what crypto is. All the arguments 'for' it, make all the sense in the world. But, as this discussion goes on, the question is raised - is bitcoin still what it was?

Davincij15 let's you know his thoughts, on if Bitcoin is still, what it was, in this interview. he's been very accurate, on a lot of things, for several years now.....

Be ready to take profits everyone ... a bull run IS coming. Things have changed a bit but, there is money to be made. Naturally, being in this space is not 'just' about 'making money'. It's also about being able to use this technology to trade for goods, and services. Be on the lookout for frauds. Be ready to lose money on any and everything you invest in, especially in the very volatile space, of #cryptocurrency

Let us know what parts of this interview you liked - and we can discuss it in the comments!

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