CUP and HANDLE formation on BITSHARES...more than 50% profit in a week?

During the last 30 days, BITSHARES has been working in the formation of a consistent CUP.

Having grown from a bottom point of 0.098USD on 18th of March till a maximum of 0.23USD a couple of days ago, it has produced an amazing 130% profit, which is outstanding...

Nevertheless doesn't seem that the bull run is finished:

BITSHARES is just forming the "hanlde" of this successful and famous Trading Pattern which would indicate a higher highs in the coming days...

Particularly, departing from the breakage of the Cup's Top (0.22 USD) we should have two intermediate targets:

  • 1st Target, conservative, coincides with the length of the CUP's Depth, and it would mean 44.6% profit (0.33USD/BTS)
  • 2nd Target , Optimistic, 5th wave of the Bull Cycle, not extensive, 60% profit (0.366 USD)

BITSHARES is a MUST HAVE crypto but, if you are only trading it, consider the entry point at the breakage of the CUP'S TOP (0.22USD)

Enjoy Cryptoland!.


*Disclaimer: This is just my personal point of view, please, do your own assessment and act consequently.

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I would prefer a lower handle. 😉


don't worry, now the rise is coming.
Good times ahead

There are a lot of Alt Coins in this same pattern...I hope we are on the "Verge" of something big :-)