Free crypto!! Start searching on the web with PRESEARCH

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Hi everyone,

Sometimes things just sound too good to be true and when I stumbled upon the website Presearch yesterday, that is exactly what my first thought was:

Is this too good to be true?

Their about page and video cleared up all of my doubts and I decided to sign up and give it a try.

Screen Shot 20180720 at 12.17.03.png

As you can see my balance is already at 28.75 PRE just buying doing the research for this article.

So, what is Presearch ?

Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform.

In a world where one company controls 77% of all searches, influencing trillions of dollars in spending, shaping perceptions and effectively acting as the primary gatekeeper to the Internet, a new, open and community-driven search engine is a necessity.

Presearch has an innovative go-to-market strategy to target the most frequent searchers - web workers - and gain early adoption, on our way to releasing future versions of the open source platform that will utilize a blockchain-based index, curated by the community.

Together, we can provide Internet users with an alternative to the search hegemony that dictates where most of us learn, engage and spend our valuable attention and resources.

The financial breakdown

  1. We all search the web for well... about anything these days and mainly on Google..
  2. We all like free crypto
  3. By using presearch as your everyday search engine (you can also use Google through Presearch) you can get up to 8 free PRE tokens per day (if you search the web 32 times)
  4. At the moment 1 PRE equals $0.122872 USD, so basically you can earn up to 1USD worth of free PRE just by doing what you would normally do: browse the internet for information.
  5. At its peak in its very short existence in January PRE was trading at $0.80, this means if you HODL your PRE and sell it when crypto has another bull run, you can get up to 7 USD per day of browsing the web.
  6. If you would max this out (as to speak in term of #steemmonsters), you can get up to 8 PRE * 365 days = 2920 PRE per year!

That would mean at a max trading at $0.80 a total of 2336 USD for free per year.

Doing something you already do every day.

Get started by clicking here

The impact

You might think I am in this for the money and the crypto rewards are definitely a bonus, but I mainly love this idea because of the potential it has of changing the monopoly of one giant company that has an unlimited capacity to influence us all.

You can easily click on the subdomain you want to search and pass Google all together. For example if you want to search something on Coinmarketcap, you can click on the icon on the Presearch home page and bypass Google. You can do the same with many others like Netflix, Rottentomatoes and Amazon.

The catch

You are only allowed to withdraw PRE starting when you have gathered a 1000 PREs, meaning at 32 searches a day you would have to use the Presearch portal a 125 days. Which to me is a good thing, is it sort of saying you need to be committed to this and commitment is the only way anything will change. So, I am a fan :)

I would recommend setting presearch as your homepage and when you open a new tab in your browser and turn it into a habit of using the portal.

And now, go search that recipe of a healthy avocado chocolate mousse on Presearch you have always wanted to try out :)


Cool, thanks for sharing this coin with us. I signed up using your ref-link so hopefully this will help you. I'll stay active using the site since I really like the idea of choosing which sites you want to use fo searching. Maybe they will even create an own search engine someday.

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Okay, I’m tryin’ it!

Count me in! I do a lot of searching, so why not add some earnings along with it? I will join under your referral link @toocurious Great idea!


@toocurious I am already using Presearch since 2 months and kept it as my default Chrome page. I have accumulated more than 100 coins and still counting. Thanks for sharing though.

Yes, that means it works, good on you. I am really going to test this to at least 1000 tokens.

Yeah. Once you reach 1000 tokens, you will get eligible for withdrawal.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! Will try it. Nice to have an alternative to Google, MSN and Yahoo.

now if we could just replace YouTube

There’s dTube and another that I can’t recall right now.

Recently started using Presearch, I was recommended by one of my friends @master-set. Thanks to the author! This is an interesting opportunity to make money on what you do every day)

Its fantastic

you are welcome))

I’ve been using Ecosia as my search engine for about a year now but I will add this to my default lineup. I hope my work WiFi doesn’t block it, if that’s the case then I will be doing a lot more.

I am doing it by last 2 weeks . Some peoples using it to earn pre coin only but if we see the other face of presearch it is not less than the google search . Now I never do it for earning only. I am using it when I genuinely required and I am doing earning automatically . Pre is doing my help to reach everywhere I want and to earn money also . But the withdrawal limit they set is too high because due to this peoples get demotivated . Peoples will try to collect 1000 coins as soon as possible . Then peoples not use presearch like a search engine. Pre can do one thing if they set their limit to 500 for withdrawal and reduce the rewards from 8 to 5 with 0.2 precoin per search . Because if peoples have short target they motivated towards the work . THis is the human nature.

I personally like the fact you can choose any other engine very easily, it makes me use them faster and the long-term plans are noteworthy as well!

Thanks for bringing this to the communities attention. Definitely one to try. Down with Google!!

I started doing that ..but needs patience I 💭 think 🤔

Yep it does, I am at 57 Pre now after 4 days

Is it safe to search through this site ??

You share value able information .acually we should share like this is help full for every one.thanks

hello there!!!
this a great idea, i am using presearch and at the same time i am earning free cryptos just to use this app.

good luck!!!!
have a wonderful day!!!

Now this is something new. Will try this for sure.

This is very helpful! Thank you 👍

I am already doing it, but the withdrawal is limited to minimum 1000 coins.

I know I wrote it at the end of my post. You need to search 125 days at a rate of minimum 32 searches to get to 1000

Hey Bro @toocurious , I have using it

can you please guide me how can I redeem my earned Research token??

The only thing you need is a 1000 PRE tokens, but they might change that.

Oh thanks brother!!! at least it should have 250 pre tokes to allows withdraw from their systems..!!!

what do you think @toocurious ?

yeah, like I said, I don't mind the 1000 limit, it creates commitment

let see, as of now I just crossed 200++ level... what next I don't know..

have anybody already withdraw these crytpto

I don't think so. But don't worry bro it might not be scam . So try to collect 1000 coins nd check yourself . It is better than to ask anyone

This seems like a very interesting platform, I will use it during research for my next article- please follow my work, I am following you now

please up vote me

I'll try it out soon.

@toocurious but how is it possible to distribute such a huge amount of money to its searchers if the no of searchers increase considerably.

It is basically a no value token that lives on the general success of crypto. Once the general market doesn´t continue to correlate so strongly with Bitcoin a lot of crypto projects will get annihilated. This will be one of them.

Searching private stuff on the internet is of no value to anyone. NOBODY will pay you for looking up porns. Some crypto projects pretend to unveil value where no value is.

So I registered and I am going to use presearch. Once I have 1000 I will cash out and I hope there are enough idiots around that think this garbage has any value.

It basically works like a ponzi scheme. Be first to invest and be first to cashout and you win. Otherwise you lose. In this case you don´t really lose anything so who cares.

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I am definitely trying. Thanks for the exposure.

Thanks - I'm definitely going to give it a try! Super nifty idea for some google alternatives...

I will defenately use presearch by now. Can you please tell me where to create it's wallet?

just follow the link in my post and create an account, your wallet will be created automatically.

I followed you.
please followback @huanmv

Nice post

I am using for more than 3 months. The best reward program so far.

How much pre you earn till now??@zorobwp

I reached 400. 2 referrals still pending eligibility

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hey I'm a millennial, where's my participation trophy?

there is that app

how to draw his coin like where

Wow. Looks like I'm the only one missing out on rewards for carrying out my daily routine. Thanks for the information @toocurious

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I missed out steemit for quite some time, it's never to late


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very good opportunity to move forward on this path ! I will follow you!

It's very helpful information, Thank you @toocurious

What exchanges are trading PRE?

Yobit and hitbtc

I find it helpful!
Thanks a lot.

thx @ toocurious such a vauleble info .

but it's up to what you do with that info

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Sir I have 400 Presearch Coins when i withdraw this ?

Oh wow... It really sounded interesting but I didn't expect it to be this slick. The page is really well done and all of the little details are truly elegant.
Definitely gonna use it.

I think a lot of people here probably hate Google, i know i do. I like how everything i used to do for free is getting tokenized

Yes, but do you know that Presearch uses Google search to search your queries.

Even if it's true, I think that this is a good start. Nobody expects that a company would instaneously come up with the underlying tech level enabling it to become a new Google.
I think that after 1-2 years, the team might start seeing lots of traffic, monetize it and start working on the underlying tech.
So, I don't see anything scammy about it... Because I am a crypto copywriter. However, ordinary people might freak out. But I am not... ordinary people.
What do you think about that, Singh?

Maybe it's the next microsoft?

Yes, Presearch is simply awesome. As of now it's wise to search on a Presearch instead of Google!

Yes it is the default, but you can change that if you like as a mention in my article.

Yes, I agree. I have already customised as per my browsing requirement. This is another good feature from them that we can change the website we want to use for our search. They have huge list of websites to pick from.

I just looked at their coin price , and its now below their launch price I think ? And if that is the case, then seems it has not gained much popularity ?

It is hard to say and I believe you need a couple of years and another bull run to really see the value of this project. Anyway it can't hurt, it is free :)

You are right my friend!

Thanks for that @toocurious, will defenetly try it out.
Someone knows how to use preasearch directly from the [ Firefox Quantum ] address bar?
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Hello everyone, I've been using presearch for a few weeks and I'm really satisfied. Often the search is more interesting than the one offered by google

how much have you made off it so far?

you maximun reward a day is 8 token. You could take 8 tocken a day if you do 32 different search results

Now i have 140 token

Good job gopai, when you get to 1000 pre I take 25 pre for the refferal. I reward you whit upvote at 100%!

Hello @toocurious. This is the first time I am learning about Presearch. I am interested in giving Presearch a try, so I signed up. The idea of earning some cryptocurrency from doing basic searches is very interesting.

Wow grate poste keep it up

I'll go for it. I don't really like to hear the name Zuckerberg anymore!

thanks for sharing

Nice bro. visit also my profile

Nice bro. visit also my profile @fariskhan

Thanks for the advice. It seems like a good idea.

I don't mind if you put your referal under each of those link to Presearch. It's another interesting developing apps that may do upside down to the market, we'll see and will see the whitepaper as well

Yeah, first time ever I tried something like this, you never know what comes out of it, but the rewards are very small 25PRE for each person that uses it for 60 days! So, it is not really about that for me, I just think it is cool!

very good information, I want to try it.

How can I start it?

Just click on the link, create an account and start searching on presearch

amazing blog ...have so much things to learn from it .. thanks again

amazing blog ...have so much things to learn from it .. thanks again

Thank you for that insightful aticle. Please check out and follow my work. i am following you.

Hey, thanks for the info, sounds pretty good.

Ive been using presearch for some time now and did a review on it a while back lol i still have to remember to use it sometimes since it redirects you to your search engine of choice to get results so returning to presearch to perform the next search isnt an intiutive experience and ill end up googling and losing out on gains by not using the presearch interface.

Nice article!

Im using this for 2 days now thanks!

Yup good project. But the payout process is lengthy.

Thanks, Im gonna check it now!

Lol u dont have nothing till u widraw...soo its a scam, the saite will last 120days šo nobody can widraw

I also write article about this search engine sir check my article and rpl what is you think ?


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Nice, thank you! :)

Steem is the best blockchain ever! I've never experienced an online community where my desire to create has been so uninhibited. I'm free to create content as I wish and others are free to read it. The beauty is in the simplicity and uncensored nature of this system that affords us a place to be free and explore.
There is no place like home and Steemit, to me, feels closer to home than I've ever gotten before as a creator. Truly a blockchain of opportunity and for that I say THANK YOU

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Amazing information thank you

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