BitBay cryptocurrency software suite offers state-of-the-art contracts and marketplace solutions.

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One of mine favourite altcoin projects 'finally' released a press release today.
Smart and unbreakable contracts, multisignature pay to e-mail. A big update has been released.

Having used the marketplace it's good to see what 1 man can do. Bitbay is small and may remain small, but I tip my hat for this developer David Zimbeck, who, after being accussed of so many things, stayed true to this investors.

Bitbay, moon?

P.S. The woman is to show the resemblance of Bitbay and a Lamborgini; it's nice, elegant and a very fast loading wallet. Say goodbye to excessive CPU/RAM usage.

February 13, 2017, Baja California, Mexico – BitBay, the cryptocurrency software suite offering unbreakable smart contracts was keeping a low profile for some time but has now resurfaced; stronger than ever. The creator and soul developer of BitHalo/BlackHalo David Zimbeck has worked effortlessly the past two years to create the most advanced and secure wallet in cryptocurrency space. The software suite is capable of supporting an entire smart contracting interface with decentralized markets and other features.

A BitBay community member comments,

“How is it that a single developer can deliver such an incredible suite when entire teams of coders have a hard time even delivering a functional wallet? How on earth has this project gone unnoticed, and why is it not in the top 10 coins in the world?”

Unbreakable Smart Contracts
Unlike many other platforms, BitBay is not vaporware. It is a feature rich platform that offers unbreakable smart contracts for important real world applications. The BitBay contracts are far superior to other smart contracts as they are secured by collateral deposits from both parties, which makes it unbreakable. In the event of a default by one of the parties, their collateral funds will be burnt, making it illogical for them to cheat or exit the contract with the intention of defrauding the other.

The smart contracts system on BitBay eliminates arbitrators, biased third parties, escrow and even fees. Without any middlemen, it can create coins for cash contracts like a decentralized “LocalBitcoins”, where cash payments are completely trustless. It can also be used to create “employment contracts”, “decentralized eBay-like delivery contracts” (to ensure prompt delivery of working products), and even “barter contracts” that allows people to create a “wish list” and trade any item off that list.

The user-friendly templates on BitBay enable users to create smart contracts by just entering few details. The platform currently has a handful of templates in place, with more to be added shortly. In David Zimbeck’s words, all one has to do is use their imagination to create a custom template for any deal they want. The platform’s “Cash for Coins” template has already been successfully used by many to automate buying process and complete cash deals without needing escrow or middlemen. The platform will soon release a “buy/sell anything” contract template with reverse and regular auctions support. It will also include a variety of shipping choices.

Decentralized Marketplace
BitBay had a decentralized marketplace almost a year before “Open Bazaar”. BitBay’s completely anonymous market is built right into the client, and it allows users to create their own public and private markets. Or they can just check different contracts already available in the main market. The BitBay software allows communication between users by supporting email with end to end encryption like Thunderbird and it also supports Bitmessage for a more decentralized option.
Other features on BitBay include “Pay to Email” which uses steganography to hide payments within photos sent to recipient’s email. The feature, originally created for tipping purposes has various other applications as well. Even the wallets’ two encrypted keys can be hidden within images using David’s steganography based feature.

These keys can then be used on two different computers to sign transactions – a feature that lays the foundation for “Cold Staking”, which will be utilized in both BitBay and BlackHalo. The Cold Staking feature will be almost impossible to crack because the computers used to sign your transactions can be in completely separate locations. BitBay will also make allowance for “exotic spending” such as “locktimes”. In addition to the “dead man’s switch”, “parking of coins”, “burn” and other spending types, it also supports automated joint accounts for business partners and spouses. The BitBay platform can also translate to 92 different languages.

About BitBay
BitBay has so far created a whole cryptocurrency ecosystem with its own functional market economy. All these things have turned BitBay into a powerful cryptocurrency software suite that can take on other cryptocurrencies. The platform enjoys a vibrant community that is regularly attracting and training new users. The “contract faucet” created by one of the team members is currently giving away coins using a unilateral “Guarantor” contract to whoever accepts it.
BitBay will soon release their secret star feature that will eliminate the cryptocurrency’s volatility.



Thank you so much for showing interest in BitBay! I am a member of the core team and like to follow up on any attention we receive, we very much appreciate the shout out.

For any readers who would like more information on BitBay, I strongly suggest you head to our Slack, where our core team and developer are typically available for questions:

Bitcointalk ANN thread:

Again, thanks for the press! We're scaling up and aim to greatly increase brand awareness in the second half of 2017.

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