Introducing /r/CryptoGuides

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

Calling all crypto educators!

I've been slowly getting my feet wet in Reddit CSS, and am finally satisfied enough to announce a new sub dedicated to guides, tutorials, and Q&A style content all about crypto!

This is an ongoing project for me, and I have lots of ideas and plans for the small but growing community like:

  • Tipping bot integration
  • Community Discord channel
  • Author spotlight to promote their Steemit/Youtube/Other platforms
  • Rewards for outstanding content (both guides and answers to questions)
  • Much more!

Come be a part of the community!

Let's create a hub of information for all crypto enthusiasts to draw from, and promote the hard work of those who create all the amazing content we rely on to navigate through this new cryptoverse.

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It seems to be a good idea. But, what will the subjects be?
Are you going to do coin-specific guides or general?


Coin specific is totally fine as long as it's informational + how-to style content related to crypto.

you are a good writer..