Hiding Information in Plain Sight

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

In a comment thread here on Steemit, @nutela said something that reminded me of this old paper I wrote in university. The quality of these images are probably not good enough to read easily, so you can download the PDF here.

I still have all the code used for this project, but it was done using Matlab. If there's any interest, I can look into uploading the existing code, rewriting the existing code in a more friendly language like Python, or creating a new program altogether that could be used for something like storing private keys within an image.

The last coding-related post didn't get much attention, so let me know if you want code based on this project or any other ideas you have.

Hiding Information in Plain Sight-1

Hiding Information in Plain Sight-2

Hiding Information in Plain Sight-3

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I've been always eager to try this, I'm not a programmer myself, but I've found this:
It might do the job.
Thanks for sharing your work.


I think it's a great idea for storing something like the keystore file to access a wallet. Keep a couple copies of it on various systems, and memorize a simple but unique passphrase to decrypt it.

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