Liberland: World's first blockchain Nation

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

Crypto space has never ceased to dazzle us. Every blessed day it's either a fork or a new consensus algorithm or an ICO... anything.


This time around it's cryptoland. Nope, I don't mean you should download a client and becoming a fully validating node. I explicitly mean a blockchain based country.

On the 13th of April, 2015, Vít Jedlička declared a 7km2 land piece located between Serbia and Croatia in Europe, a free republic: the Free Republic of Liberland

Here's Ivan's interview with her President.

Folks who have been angered by the prevailing status quo in their home Nation and uphold Anarchist and libertarian ideologies might consider being a citizen. Taxes are optional.

You want to be a citizen? registration can be done here

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