BiblePay (BBP) - New Charity/Christian Cryptocurrency!

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Launch Thread:



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10% Charity is already sponsoring 175+ Orphans monthly!

Compassion - Charity Rating - Accountability - Write Letters to Orphans

Masternodes (Sanctuaries) are going live this December,
by owning one you become a part owner and can vote on the direction of the project!

Learn more about masternode decentralized governance:

"Love one another,
be a good Samaritan,
help those in distress (orphans & widows),
and spread the gospel."

Earn BiblePay Coins: Faucet - Gospel Link Rewards

Mining Guides: Windows - Linux

New to cryptocurrencies?
Learn from this youtube series DASH School!


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I am interested in this. I have also heard of Christcoin ... thanks for sharing.