THE GENESIS MINING LOTTERY - New Episode - 25th June 2017

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The Lottery Rules

It's super simple - Start leaving a comment here with your Genesis Mining affiliation code. I will draw one of the codes in the comments every Sunday, using it to upgrade my Account.

New requirement!! You need to be subscribed to my YouTube channel or be a Steemit follower!!

If instead, you use my code (DfViAU) I will insert you directly to the list of the "codes to use", every Sunday then, I will do other upgrades using the codes from that list.

  1. The biggest upgrade will receive my biggest upgrade.
  2. The second one will receive my medium upgrade.
  3. All the others will receive the basic upgrades I will do!

I will not remove you from the list until you win!


The today's Episode

As every Sunday I post here the new video of the Genesis Mining Lottery

The Updated List of Participants

This is how it looks now the updated list after the lottery.
In green the winner and the freshly used codes

I remember you to comment below to participate and advise me if you use my code!
See you next week, and

Good luck with that!


--------Follow me to be updated every week--------

Personal Links:

Facebook DASH Italian Club:
Email: [email protected]
Genesis Mining affiliation code: DfViAU

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Hey mate, here there are my code ;) K4nCAa


Added to the list! ;-)


Thanks mate ;)

cool idea, my code is bkSKg4
i will let you know when i use your code.. thanks


Sure, let me know! For the moment you are in the lottery's list :-)

Hi @tizcwa,

Great idea and show.

Subscriber to YT and following on steemit. Code: QqNvn3

Thank you


Hi, thanks! You were already on the list ;-)

Would be so nice with my Code: SDbJ5T
I only got 2 MH/s, so a small boost would be very nice for me :)
Upvoted, followed here and on youtube!


Thank you for participating, you are now on my list. Check it out next Sunday! Good luck with that!


Thank you very much! :)

code : D4FMAK Following now


Thx, you're on my list ;-)

Nice idea !! I begin just in genesis and my blog

My code is : x0tmHz


Nice post. On the list!

well I am always up for gambling



Then, good luck with that!

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