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Hey, guys I want to share my thoughts on some of the research I did, I want to share with you a few of the things that I found.This one's going to be really interesting to see how it goes in the long-term, this is definitely one you're going to want to hang out too.

What is ❔.

It is an Ethereum ERC20 token, right now there's currently no wallet or anything in place they're working on developing all that right now and don't worry it's not one of those scam points, it will be coming out soon. On their website, they have a road map that says starting in Q4 2017. is an extension of the company OMISE, it is a payment gateway for Asia.This is an established company that has been around since like 2013 they are based in Singapore, Thailand, Japan and they have offices all over in Asia.

Here's just a quick overview what they offer.They help businesses Implement payment methods that customers will use, so why is this important?- well I think is going to be the crypto or platform that takes cryptocurrency mainstream.It's built on the Ethereum blockchain so it's going to offer peer to peer money transferring, storage and decentralized trading, that's what they're trying to do.Building a decentralized exchange on their platform that is going to allow people to trade back and forth store all the money all in one place and it's obviously going to be secure since it's on the blockchain.

The thing that's really interesting about them is if you look at their development and management team, you can do your own research and look into some of these guys but I mean look at their advising team they're working with Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin himself. Vitalik obviously knows the potential of Etherium so that is huge in itself that Vitalik is working with one of these platforms built on Ethereum to really take crypto mainstream

The co-author of the lightning Network Joseph Poon has done a lot of research and he has developed the Lightning Network, Co-founder of Ethereum here, founder of Golem.There are a ton of huge names here that are really just leading the way in developing blockchain, so that's a huge project that these many big names are working on.It really shows how much potential it has and to explain more why I think that this going to take it to the mainstream:- they are going to have a mobile wallet and it's going to support fiat as well as cryptocurrency so it's all in one.

Like I said that's incredible because when you have decentralized cryptos that rely on centralized exchanges such as Bittrex Coinbase, Poloniex all these different exchanges as you know become susceptible to hacking and phishing. All these different things that kind of take away from the decentralized platform that is cryptos. So a decentralized exchange is obviously huge that's going to be a huge thing. I know it's not right now but that's the future of trading right there for cryptocurrency. So it's a really big development and the fact that they're offering payments loyalty points Reward Points as well as just transferring money.

They're going to offer money transfer with the absolute minimum fees and you know it will be because it is on blockchain through Ethereum. It takes away the need for a middleman and this is a huge deal for getting Financial Services on the blockchain. I want to go into one of these articles I found so here is a post on Reddit.

Jun is the CEO of and he mentioned that Macdonalds in Thailand is going to be accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and all these other currencies through and since it supports fiat, obvious that's going to be part of the payment platform as well.This is in Thailand and that's at list 240 locations according to this post.jun 1.png

McDonald's is doing a PR for for so that's going to be huge for the hype around this and really legitimizing cryptocurrency and taking it mainstream.Generally, I feel if McDonald's is using cryptocurrency and you can use it and pay for different things through this platform, that's a huge step towards getting cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

One of the big problems that they're trying to solve is that in Asia a lot of people are kind of cut off from banking so in a way this platform you don't need a central bank account to work with them or to put your money on this platform. So that's a really interesting thing because people are going to be offered Financial Freedom through this platform. We're used to carrying around physical cash, they're going to have a mobile wallet and decentralized exchange that they can put all their assets on and manage them. That's a really big initiative that is going to be a solution to traditional banking out in Asia.
As you guys know Thailand, Japan and Singapore are some of the biggest countries that are working to really support cryptocurrency and make them start becoming mainstream and you got legalization as well as a lot of companies they're starting to accept crypto. This is a huge step in the right direction like I said McDonald's is working with crypto a lot of other companies are going to start hopping on board with this especially after that PR move and a lot of stuff to look forward to. Like I said there are working with the Ethereum super-solid advising team.

Another thing that they're going to be working with all these different payment platforms, digital wallets like Venmo, Google pay all these different platforms that are going to support That doesn't mean they're going to use them but if it starts really taking off there's incentive for those platforms to start using it, so that's awesome for just getting it out there, all these different platforms to start using it.

Also it's a proof of stake blockchain ,that's worth mentioning that if you invest in it, you will have the option to stake your tokens in return for verifying transactions on your computer so by staking the tokens you're essentially helping secure the network and you will get your tokens back after you stake them and you will obviously get a return on that investment so there is long-term reason to hold these tokens. I really think that this platform has a ton of promise just look at their advising team. Look out for his platform once it comes out, we can see it will be out by the end of the year, hopefully that road map is correct.

I really feel like this is going to be huge step because it's also solving a problem, we'll be able to cash in and out between Fiat and crypto really easily so this could become the platform that a lot of people start using and that's the thing too like a lot of investors and regular people are intimidated by crypto they don't know how to invest it,they don't know how to get these wallets set up. If it's easy enough for an average person to get on the blockchain through this platform you'll be able to cash it in and out between crypto that's going to be a huge step to getting a lot of normal people on board and investing.

If this starts taking off in Asia which it definitely has the potential to with Thailand and all these different countries if they start picking it up which I think they will. Thailand's already big on Bitcoin the day they might just start using this, people in Thailand going to McDonald's and paying in Bitcoin.I feel this will spread all over the world and it will be a huge step to get cryptocurrency mainstream.

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Thanks a lot for this very informative post on OMG - upvoted, resteemed & followed!

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OMG just dropped some info, why is it important? From a psychological standpoint, the move was genius. Do not miss this pick.

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So that is what is going on with OmiseGo. I can see the potential for sure. It is nice to see that lowering the barrier for entry is becoming central to the crypto community. I really believe that by this time next year mass adoption will have mostly taken place.

Fingers crossed!!

yes we looking at having crypto on the mainstream ,I believe next year around this time we will be talking a different story

This was timely. I've just been starting to look into this. I'm jumping in.

Great Job on explaining OmiseGo; before everything was very vague about this coin and I had no idea if this was worth investing in... now I feel as if it is worthy.

I am glad you found this article usefull.

Thanks for this. There are a lot of tokens out there in the payment platform arena right now...it will be interesting to see which ones make it. And then, of course, there is Wechat which is already successful. I picked up some OMG tonight. Hodl'g.

Good post, it will be interesting to see where this omisgo leads, something to watch, I feel like this is the cutting edge and its good to know about it thanks!

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This is interesting. I'm going to have to look more into this but great write up.

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This is very good post.

Thank you

Informative post, thank you.