Beginning a Journey into the Unknown


Can I earn a living in crypto?

Starting with just investments from blood plasma donations...


Bitcoin is the future ... or is it?

Is it Bitcoin? Will it be Ethereum? Cardano ADA? Steem? Will it be cryptocurrency at all?

According to speculators we're in a "Cryptocurrency Winter". I'm willing to take the risk that this "Winter" will yield a profitable Spring.

Here's the plan ...
First I'm going to watch and research a few markets for a few weeks. The coins I'm going to be focusing on are Bitcoin, Steem, SBD, and ADA. I chose these coins based on popularity, scalability, ease of use, and early adoption.


Cardano ADA

My largest current stake is in Cardano ADA. Because it is a proof of stake network, currently 100% of my ADA is staked and earning additional ADA just for participating in the network. Because I have at least 500 ADA, I can also vote on community projects with my stake. I will be keeping at least 500 ADA staked for this reason.


The Steemit community remains my most unique holding. Steem and SBD are a "proof of thought" currency. This is the only currency I know of that you can earn, simply by being a value to the community.

How can one be a value? Be entertaining, be educating, be artistic, be unique, but above all become and remain popular. Steemit is like crypto Instagram, the more followers and likes you have the more valuable you are ... the difference? Instagram doesn't pay you! Steemit does!

How to Play the Game

Currently cryptocurrency is a game. How do we play it? To be honest, I have no idea! I'm going in nearly blind and taking you all along with me. I'll tell you what I buy, when I buy, what I sell, when I sell, how I do my accounting and even how I plan to save for and report taxes ...

I'll consider comments from the community and determine my risk and reward strategies as I go.

If I'm successful in creating a living starting with just small investments, you'll see it happen. If I fail, you'll be right here for that too.

Other posts and projects

If you follow me, don't expect it to be all about my crypto journey. I will also be posting about gardening, ranching, things I take pictures of, and other rantings and ramblings.

Nonetheless, I do encourage you to follow and comment. Of course your upvotes are also greatly welcomed as that is one of my earning channels.

The secret to wealth is to know the difference between an opportunity and a liability and to choose more opportunities than liabilities in your life ...

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