Crypto Market Correction. Manipulation and Usual January Dip

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It is hope that this bloodbath has not saddened you because this is a proof that crypto market is not a bubble but a healthy market. If you think that coins should go up without correction, you are wrong because this is not possible. Try to recall that which coin went up without correction and is still going up? None actually. Therefore, coins can't always go up. STRAT, ETC and NEO have not lost much steam yet as it was mentioned in a post a couple of days ago. It is hoped that these coins are in the warm-up stage as they are getting ready for their time to do really well.

Besides, there is no way to put it nicely when whole market loses 120 Billion in one night and we are back to December levels again. The bottom line is that Crypto is not for light hearted. We know many of you might be sitting in a drawdown, but always remember that 300% profits is deserved by only those who can sit out 80% drawdowns. The weak will fall and only the strong conquers.

Please do not panic, this is correction time and the only thing you can do is to hold. Coins will recover, especially those that we suggested because they has something behind them that will cause increase of demand and it will increase the price eventually. And remember, this is not Bitcoin correction, this is market correction.

We got a lot of members to our crypto world in last few weeks and now it is easy to manipulate with newbies. We just went through news on twitter and came across a headline: China will ban BTC trading. Big title, scary thumbnail and we decided to go through the news and they were talking about last year meaning thereby it was nonsense. This is best example of market manipulation. Make scary thumbnail because 95% of members won't even read article but they will go and sell coins because they are scared. We were getting these news many times in 2017 but did China ban trading? They are using China as a number 1 or at least top 3 countries in business and also in crypto world. Why did they not put associate news with a country that is not of much important? Because that news wouldn't cause negative hype. It is suggested to go to twitter and check all these news and read articles and you would see what they were writing about. Just normal things that we already know. Simply, even best coins should go through correction and that's what is happening not only with KuCoin shares but with whole Kucoin exchange and this is the time for shopping especially there. It is time to buy coins like UTK or QSP. Do not wait for it to be 200-300% higher.

It is further observed that the same kind of dip regarding BTC was observed during January 2017 as well when is decreased by 31.32 per cent and it recovered very well later on as you can find out by looking at the attached image of a graph. There is no need to be worried about the fall as it could be this ‘usual January dip’.


I saw a post showing a similar dip each January? how is that possible for something to be known but still happen?

Next January I will know what to do!

Lol...! @nrad, a market correction is not something that should or even could be prevented. It's the law of economics and all markets (including stocks and physical commodity ones) experience it. It's economics own method of checking and balancing the market :)

Yup... you're so right @timebit If anything, this is the time for buying! Much profits to be made :)

Great content, it's just a season and it will surely end soon! I've upvoted and followed!


Well, this calms me down a bit. Thank you for explaining the trend and giving evidence for it.

Really great summary and especially important for newcomers in order not to panic :)

I attended seminars on Cryptocurrency lately, the speaker showed us the trending chart for the past few years, Bitcoin's correction always in January. So you are right.

Only a usual dip? Haha very funny. Here are some airdrops for you:

Great analysis. The whole crypto market is bearish at the moment. The only thing we can do is to hold or for those who trade frequently, they must trade with minimal losses. Just like those known traders say, you can win or loss on your every trades but what you have to learn is to keep your losses small. Good thing is that Cryptocurrencies.Ai free beta platform had launched, and using its Back-testing Optimization Tool you could realize how much money one could save in losses when we have a model which provides an indicator on when to invest and when to go in a stable coin.
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