Trueflip lottery crypto

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Heys guys,

I came across this site while browsing coinmarketcap today.

Trueflip the blockchain lottery platform




I believe you gotta signup and send bitcoin to your account min around $2 deposit I think , I haven't tried this yet though. The jackpot is at 47btc 😄
It's got a nice looking website though.

Any one tried trueflip yet? Could it be another scam ico?
Quite possibly lol. But maybe not

Let me know your thoughts



Whoa. Need to look into this further. Very intriguing. I imagine it is at least as much a scam as any lottery is....

No it's not a scam at all and works quite well. The U/I U/X is remarkable!

I've done a couple writes up on it. They have an ICO running right now too!

Not a scam, I got into the ICO.

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