Cryptos recovering?

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago (edited)

Hey guys

After a bad run in the red for last couple of days the crypto market seem to be recovering today , mostly everything back in the green including steem it's back up by 11percent currently,



Let's hope the recovery continues! 😀

And I hope no one lost too much money during the crash?



To be honest, I think that the bloodbath will continue until BIP 148. This is just a slight recovery but it will drop back down. After August 1st we should see lots of growth again!

Yes I agree 👍🏼,That is likely to be the case
Aug 1st will be interesting

Thanks for posting going with a hold or buy strategy as bitcoin coming up to the big day!

Cryptos ain't recovering today that's for sure , everything in the red. Some big sell offs probably driving prices down.

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