Crypto values dropping

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

Hey guys

Just a quick short and sweet post , as cryptos seem to be back in the red today could it be the start of a big price crash or just a small dip ?

What do you think



Good news is that Segwit 2x is locking in and will activate in the coming weeks , no hard forks to worry about at the moment. All this BS. with viabtc and bcc bitcoin cash forked shitcoin this is just scare tactics by the big blockers pissed that there's no hardfork coming for bitcoin.
I'm sure bitcoin will be going north in value again soon

What's your thoughts guys?



Post update: Bitcoin may hardfork and compete with BCC bitcoin cash on Aug 1st but it's not guaranteed and would cause some confusion especially for new bitcoin users but the value of bcc would be so low compared to the bitcoin core original coin so I don't think there's much cause for too much concern.

Hopefully, just a small dip.

Hopefully a huge dip so we can all load up.

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