Crypto crashing again!

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Hey guys,

Not looking good for all Cryptos this weekend so far, Everything back in the red again. Bitcoin down around 10% in value so far, there seems to be a lot of fear in the market , a lot of people scared of what's coming on Aug 1st with the UASF BIP148 and potential split of Bitcoin which looks likely. It is fine to buy and trade bitcoin now but on July 31st-Aug 1st it definitely going to be risky, and i would not recommend keeping Bitcoin on any exchanges during that time, Its best to have Desktop or hardware wallet for them.

it will be interesting to see just how much Bitcoin and altcoins will drop coming up to the Aug 1st event, and whether or not the cryptos can recover at all in the meantime or will they just keep dropping ?

What do you guys think ?




Need to buy bitcoins?


i think there has never been a better moment to buy!
u could wait and maybe get an EVEN better price..
but missing the boat makes that quite risky.
time is now i would say..

the market cap right now is half of what it was just a few weeks ago..
Generally we expect the market to half during a major correction!

I fully agree with you! It is a great time to buy!

I think ETH will gain some strength in these days because people who have bitcoin are likely to change to ETH and wait out to see what happens with BTC.

ETH is down to $167 , everything is dropping like a mofo. Bitcoin under $2k now too
How low can they go that's the Million$ question

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