Monaco's Cryptocurrency Debit Cards Will Be Released in Q1 2018

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago

Monaco had a QA yesterday, where they hinted that the release of their cards will be in the 1st quarter of 2018.

They didn't give exact dates. It could be any day from the QA.

Q: I know we aren't doing specific dates anymore, and I think that's a good strategy. However, I am curious as to whether there are any general estimates about the rollout?
A: First quarter is going to be an eventful one for Monaco.

Q: When exactly (which specific day) does the Visa freeze end? Will you announce the release of the cards before you are ready to release them but are close, or just when they're ready to start shipping?
A: Unfreeze early Jan. We announce what's done and dusted.

Q: Many of us have been here since ICO waiting on cards, constantly pushing back the dates whilst there are other coins going trough the roof is difficult. We want to know how close we are exactly to having a product... If it's months, that's fine, but I will trade to make more MCO in the meantime.
A: Q1 is game time for Monaco.

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Been interested in every single cryptocurrency. You never know which one is gonna explode.Can one withraw the 10$ bonus or its more like a discount.


It would have been helpful if they payed the referrer too.


You could get $10 into your Monaco card, and you could spend it as you wish. :) This way, you can try out the service without risk. ;)

I already have an account and 9000 members applied before me.. They dont update us in app.. Was thinking of uninstalling it.


The app will only notify you when your card is ready to ship.

from 2 days busy not give upvote/rewards
what's reason ????


Busy bot is now disabled because database migration. It will work again when this work is completed.