What is the Tiberius Coin?

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The Tiberius Coin (“T-Coin”) is the first crypto-financial product that grants you direct ownership to a basket of strategic metals that we believe are key to forward-thinking technologies. Tokens act like ownership receipts for an identical allocation and quantity of metals. The metal is held and audited by independent warehouses, and available for delivery on request.

Every digital token should simply be thought of as digital identification of the ownership of:

  • Technology metals: 25g copper, 5g tin
  • Electric Vehicle metals: 25g aluminum, 6g nickel, 1g cobalt
  • Stability metals: 3mg gold, 1.5mg platinum

We only mint tokens after the metal has been independently audited, so you know that it corresponds to existing material, and because of this, the token price can never hit zero. Tiberius Coin has all the upside of the technology markets, but none of the downside commonly associated with bitcoin and other volatile cryptos.

Human prosperity in its very essence is derived from technology’s ability to create value. Over $32 trillion of new economic growth will be unleashed by technologies such as advanced robotics and AI (+US$ 11tn), the Internet of Things and cloud technology (+US$ 12tn), and autonomous electric vehicles (+US$ 4.5tn).

All you have to do is look to the future and see that growth and technology are intertwined. An unstoppable movement has already begun. Everyday devices are becoming “smarter,” technology is becoming more integrated and wearable, and all of these devices and the hardware are all made of metal.

With Tiberius Coin, you can take the first step in profiting from the metal markets as they grow. For decades, commodities have been gated, making it difficult for retail investors to take part. But we’re changing that. Now, retail investors can take part in the metal markets using the power of the blockchain.

But Why Invest?

Everyone agrees that technology is unstoppable, but investing in companies can be risky because timely competition can cause a stock to go to zero. Even in cases where there is a clear commodity theme, like the inevitability of electric vehicles, how can you choose the right investment? Stocks are a relatively risky way to get exposure to these trends.

By their very nature, emerging technologies need to be better or cheaper in order to win market share. Profit margins shrink for investors in companies like Telsa due to the need to engineer cost parity of electric vehicles relative to regular automobiles. In cases like this, it is the shareholder who takes the hit, not the consumer.

Natural resources companies are also not the best way to benefit from the technology trend. Mining operations are often based in emerging market countries, where governments are known to seize a large part of the profit margin.

All the technology metals in our basket have been chosen to benefit from a strategic commodity theme. And all of them, with the exception of gold, have industrial uses and will always command some intrinsic value. Our metal basket can be delivered on request, which creates a price floor for the token.

The Tiberius Coin will list under the ticker TCX. At the time of writing, each TCX token has an intrinsic value close to US$ 0.70.

In essence, the Tiberius Coin presents less price risk than other cryptocurrencies. Although the metal-backed cryptocurrency has multiple applications, the Tiberius Coin is simply safer and more transparent. Safety means both stability and security and all of this leads to increased transparency across the board.

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Who Uses the T-Coin


The T-Coin provides exposure to the cryptocurrency market, but is designed to have a price floor. This means it can never, and will never, go to zero or be exposed to the same risks as traditional cryptocurrencies.

Correlation Protection When Cryptocurrency Markets Crash

There is a huge bottleneck between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies (e.g. USD, EUR). Only a few cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for fiat, driving huge price drops when these few crypto-to-fiat liquidity channels become distressed.

General Cryptocurrency Market Hedge

The T-Coin is not only more stable in price, but it solves the biggest problem in the crypto market, crypto-to-fiat liquidity. The T-Coin is not only easily exchangeable for commodities, but the commodities themselves are uncorrelated to cryptocurrency markets.

Cryptocurrency Market Participation

We are in the midst of the legitimization of cryptocurrencies as an asset class, which means a huge inflow of institutional capital. The T-Coin risk profile perfectly lends itself as an investment vehicle for funds, family offices, and high net worth individuals. The T-Coin is an excellent sales pitch for the new entrant money manager desiring crypto exposure. These types of investors may have less trust in crypto than millennials, but they do have a lot more capital.

Consumers: Both Retail and Industrial

T-Coin enables all the clever applications of the blockchain, except now with more manageable price risk.

Wealth Management Tool

If you combine the previous points, you can see that the T-Coin provides ideal exposure to a de-correlated, inflation-hedged, currency-hedged basket of metals — perfectly combining investment solutions with consumer finance.

Consumers of Metal

T-Coin offers value for metal traders and corporations alike. For example, treasury departments of large automotive companies traditionally sit on a lot of cash, yet they continually consume metal.

Benefits of the T-Coin

We’ve worked hard to develop a cryptocurrency that offers more than just a volatile ride in the market. We believe in equal access to the commodities markets and that’s what we’ve accomplished with the Tiberius Coin.

More Stable

Given there is less price risk during normal trading: the Tiberius Coin has a market price which is less volatile than other cryptocurrencies and can only drop by a certain amount because the market price of the token is supported by the intrinsic value of the underlying metal.

More Secure

Even if the global economy and cryptocurrency markets collapse, the underlying metal is 100% collateralised and provides you with a secure storage of wealth.

What Are You Waiting For?

The Tiberius Initial Sale starts in October 1st 2018. You have a rare opportunity to take part in one of the biggest shifts in the cryptocurrency markets. We’re ready this October, are you?

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sounds great

Great way to hedge!!!

Sounds like a good long time investment. I will study this further and keep an eye on it ! Many thanks for the info.

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Interesting, I've not heard of Tiberius coin, but I will check it out. Thanks for sharing!

Here is our whitepaper https://www.tiberiuscoin.com/wp.pdf You're welcome :)

So its a crypto backed by precious metals? Sounds good

Exactly! Thank's :)

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