Everything You Need to Know About Tiberius Coin Before It Goes On Sale

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Tiberius Coin is an innovative new asset-backed digital asset that is backed by physical metals. It will change the way investors interact with commodities by reducing the barriers to entry and making them more approachable for the average investor.

If you invest in Tiberius Coin, you will be able to experience complex financial products in a simplified manner. Whether you want to purchase metal for delivery, to hedge a position, because you fear a market downturn, or whatever reason you have, each Tiberius Coin will provide you the freedom to invest in physical metals in your own personalized way.

The Tiberius Coin Elevator Pitch

What: An asset-backed utility token that can be redeemed for physical metals. Each Tiberius Coin is composed of the following basket of metals:

Technology Metals (increased consumption for computers and hardware, drones, and wearable technology)

  • Tin — 5 tonnes
  • Copper — 25 tonnes

Electric Vehicle Metals (growing demand from electric vehicles and batteries)

  • Aluminium — 25 tonnes
  • Nickel — 6 tonnes

Stability Metals (those used as a store of value and as a hedge against economic instability)

  • Gold — 100 troy ounces
  • Platinum — 50 troy ounces


Vision: The team behind Tiberius Coin is working hard to lower fees that end users face when working with major financial institutions and to democratize complex financial products by making them more accessible to all types of investors.

Benefits: There are many benefits to using Tiberius Coins, but here are some of the most notable ones.

  • Investing in commodities markets that retail investors are typically gated from
  • Take part in the digital asset market using a safe and stable coin that embraces regulation and has a defined price floor
  • The perfect tool to hedge positions, plan for market downturns, or take part in the exciting world of commodities trading
  • Simplified contract process cuts wait times from weeks to hours
  • A great store of value due to the fact that every Tiberius Coin has calculable intrinsic value

Ideal Investors: Investors can now access financial products previously too complex to participate in

  • Cautious investors who want to protect themselves from a major market downturn.
  • Retail investors that are often unable to invest in commodities.
  • Large consumers that require actual delivery of physical metals
  • Funds and high net worth individuals looking for an investment tool that provides exposure to the digital asset market with an exciting fundamental story and a reasonable degree of safety and security and far less volatility than the traditional digital assets
  • Emerging market investors who need better consumer finance tools and aid in money and remittance transfers

The Facts:

  • Tiberius Coin will officially go on sale sometime between September 10 to October 10, 2018.
  • An experienced team led by veteran commodities trader and Tiberius Group CEO Chris Eibl, legendary programmer, 2012 Internet Hall of Fame inductee, and encryption and cryptography software developer Philip Zimmermann, and managing director and commodities expert COO, Giuseppe Rapallo
  • A collection of 10’000 Tiberius Coins can be redeemed for a basket of physical metal if a customer wishes. When the tokens are “cancelled” (or redeem) they are destroyed and no longer circulate
  • Tiberius Coin is bringing the power of the blockchain to the outdated and inefficient commodities trading marketplace.


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