Market Manipulation In CRYPTO

in cryptocurrency •  last year

I've been seeing a whole bunch of market manipulation happening when I visit

I guess I'm just puzzled and would like to open a dialogue to anyone that would like to offer something to it. It kind of scares me yet excites me. Can billionaires manipulate these markets and make millions if not billions every day by doing so? Can they just pump and dump to more and more riches, since they would have so much market over certain cryptos? I'm so fascinated by this but it sounds like it could really be a bad thing at the same time. It's like damn if the market cap is 50,000,000 for example... and I'm investing 10,000,000 on a certain day (or me and 10 people want to create a pool of 10- seperate -millions and invest) I would be manipulating the market by 20 percent, no? So I could then pump and dump and make 10 mill in the process?

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It is definitely an issue that I think will probably get worse with more big money coming in daily there is nothing in place to stop people from doing it. It makes it scary for normal people like me to invest because you never know if what you want to invest in is being manipulated by whales.


facts, it's interesting to observe to say the least bruv