A big update (from me) about Laser Online, working at home woes, and more.

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So...so many changes since the last time I posted.

Some of you may be aware of the Laser.Online stuff I was doing, and have since expanded to Hexabot and Bitcofab. Bit-Income proved to be a scam (the support email no longer exists, and the admin email hasn't responded), so I'm out twenty bucks in Bitcoin.

On the other hand Hexabot is coming along nicely, and Bitcofab is starting to build as well. Within two weeks I'll attempt my first withdrawal there, and...well, we'll go from there.

In the meantime, my plans happened to get enmeshed within the LO transition to an ICO. Here's the thing though - there is a surprising amount of FUD out there, which is understandable since this practically happens on the coattails of the Bitpetite exit scam.

BUT, here's the thing: I was there.

Laser has been INCREDIBLY transparent and vocal, communicating with the peoples on Facebook and Telegram (admittedly, I ain't on Telegram, but I do see a lot of pics and references to it). I have yet to see the website 404 even once, and though withdrawals are still disabled, they warned us about this the day of the ICO vote.

A vote I >did< take part in, on Facebook.

Wading into this scummy sector of the cryptosphere, I wasn't prepared to come across so many people making sensationalist claims who aren't involved in the platforms themselves. I honestly didn't think there would be so many involved...and yet.

And yet!

Youtube is fucking RIDDLED with them! It's an interesting thing, and thankfully I have a thick enough skin to withstand every single claim (thus far), but still - fighting the FUD is exhausting at times.

Despite that, all we -can- do is hope and build, to keep going.

If I can't find investors for my books and music, then I'll just have to create them. The absolute, drop-dead worst case situation would be if both Laser and Bitcofab AND Hexabot all exit scam and die off...but I'm willing to bet against those odds occurring.

If only I had a thousand dollars to start off with, right off the bat. If only I had started -any- of these platforms even one month sooner!

BUT, things are as they are. "Accept" is my greatest skill, but at the same time there is wisdom in knowing when NOT accept either.

If "Accept" is my greatest skill, then "Resist" is my greatest pleasure.

Well, one of them.

SO! That's where I'm at. Locked in a cycle of waiting and hoping that Laser comes through, that Bitcofab doesn't scam, and Hexabot (which has my second lowest, $44 in Bitcoin and rising) comes through for me as well. I only yesterday switched to the 22% weekly offering, and had built it up to $47 or so.

Let's go.

~Thomas Duder, If I Cannot Find Others To Network With, I Shall Empower Others To Do So Then


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