Are cryptocurrencies being manipulated?

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If you’ve been watching the coin market cap over the past month or so, then you’ve probably noticed a pattern…. A very strange one.

As a cryptocurrency investor, I’m always keeping my eyes on the markets.

Lately, things appear to be very unstable and there seems to me that there is a pattern;
when one coin goes down, they all go down. Why?

screen-shot-coin crash.png Notice the similarity in all the graphs? It's a repeating pattern in every coin.

They don’t all always go up like that. Sometimes they do, of course. And that should be expected with the growing knowledge of the crypto-world in general.

But for everything to crash, all at once? Something is not right.

There are only 2 possible explanations

1- People invest in numerous different coins and then when they see the coins drop in value, they sell everything they’ve got- and everybody does this, very logical indeed. (Sarcasm)

2- The markets are being manipulated by the government and the deep state.

How? By investing large amounts of money slowly into every possible coin and then selling it all at once.

Why? To make the crypto world look unstable to investors.
To get the people to back out of the crypto world and thus, keeping them under the control of the government.

There is an incentive for the government to keep us out of the crypto world, and it all comes down to control.
Their options are few. But based upon the markets, they are using the few that they can - destabilizing the markets.


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