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The advent of Bitcoin as a viable worldwide payment method which excludes central and retail bankers made me very excited, and I soon jumped on the crypto bandwagon. At first the community was real small, a few hundred geeks with one or two sub-Reddits. They were all high on enthusiasm and the future that crypto could bring the world... not excluding the underlying technology....Blockchain

There was talk about 'banking the unbanked' which became quite a war chant in the forums until some one (I think Roger Ver) pointed out that banks had been screwing us for decades and were actually legal why would we want to bring the masses to the banks. The correct path for Bitcoin would be to Unbank the banked

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Then along came Vitalik Buterin and his brainchild Ethereum and things started changing. Well not really things.... just the community culture. What used to be a close knit society became disparate groups supporting their chosen project and many sub-Reddits popped up and the most heinous of personalities became common place....

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TROLLS ....who the hell needs them and what is their value add?

The bull run for crypto's in the last few months of 2017 attracted a whole new generation.... the Millenials. One need just spend a few hours reading Reddit and Bitcointalk threads to understand the literacy levels of the general community. The 'unworldliness' is scary ... so as much as I hate the thought it may be a good thing if the current 'crypto bear' stays with us for a few years to shake these trolls out of the community and send them looking for other activities.... which is sure NOT to include meaningful employment, a university degree and hard work. (Yes, yes, yes ... I know...not all Trolls are millennials, and not all millenials are self entitled let mommy do it for me people...just generalising)

I am aware that this is not a totally lucid post as it staggers all over the place but I am just so disillusioned with so much right now in the crypto space; having followed the VERGE saga ever since the crowdfunding appeal and the subsequent FUD, hate and unsubstantiated comments and claims made by posters, youtubers and Twitterati. Serious debate? Forget about it ... {sighhhhhhhhhh} ...I am signing off now as there is only half an hour before the Verge partnership (or not) is announced and I want to see if I made the right move.... and also before I get started on scams and cr@ppy ICO's ....

Again, apologies for the venting .....



You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

the Millenials.
It should be millennials instead of millenials.

Thank you for enlightening about the related information. Good luck always for you @themagus.

for me, the bank is a crypto entrance for new players ,,, in developing countries like indonesia ,,, because there is no legality about this, we have to transfer some money to buy crypto money in one company via bank ,,,
in Indonesia there has been a hot debate about crypto money problem ,,, but I am sure, this is the development of technology that can not be dammed ,,, so I always eager to find and dabbling in crypto world ,,, I hope you also so my friend @themagus

Thank you, have provided very good information,Hope for you success always.

Thank you for enlightening related information. Good luck always for you @themagus,
i will upvote and restem

Amazing post

Post a good friend my hope bitcoin increasingly received in society, success is always my friend ..
I also have friends post please help his friend because very small supporters

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