Introducing Musicoin to the Music-Producing Friends and Family of The HARD DATA

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TheHardData-Musicoin-musiciaonsignup.jpgRecently, The HARD DATA just got a new sponsor, Musicoin. Musicoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin aimed at music producers. Essentially, producers make a profile and upload their tracks to When listeners play the track, the producer receives 1 Musicoin. Payouts are instant, and the uploader can split the profits between several collaborators if they wish. Though the system is still in beta, it is functional and pays out. Musicoins fluctuate in value but are currently around $00.01-00.02 USD. So, it’s like getting paid 2-4 times compared to Spotify for each play of your track or tracks.

DJ Deadly Buda recently wrote an article for the LA Weekly about music crypto-currencys and blockchains. He mentions Musicoin in the article. The article can give you a good background on the importance of music-focused blockchain systems, and how Musicoin is actually ahead-of-the-curve compared to the other music-focused projects underway.

The Hard Data wants to get as many of our friends and associates uploading their music to the platform as we can, as it could be really beneficial to us all. If certain things play out right, Musicoin could help eliminate a lot of roadblocks between the artist and a living wage.

So far, Deadly Buda, CAP, Mindcontroller, Lostboy, The Gabber Cowboy, How Hard, D3tour, and Nikolai from Audio Science have already joined up.

Here is the sign-up:

Do not upload mixes or anything with content you do not own, though. Music blockchains are permanent records of transactions. The same system that helps you get paid quickly, can also easily identify dodgy content. So, only upload your original work that you have the copyright authority to upload.

We have been investigating various cryptocurrencies and how they might interact with the electronic music world for a few years and thought Musicoin would be a good candidate. They are interested in serving new producers as well as the established music industry.

Impressed with the strides Musicoin had quickly made, we sought out their sponsorship and came to terms regarding a pilot program where the magazine would pay our contributors such as writers, photographers, artists, etc. in Musicoin in the hopes of getting the cryptocurrency used outside of just music listening. This is critical for the currency to succeed. You can read more about that program here:

If you want to get involved in any way with this initiative also, let us know. Depending on how things play out, this could be big news. Hit us up if you have any questions!

Also if you want to check out some of the music uploaded so far, Deadly Buda and Cap have some tracks up already. Play the heck out of them!

Deadly Buda's Musicoin Page

Cap's Musicoin Page

Once again, here is the sign-up for Musicoin:

Make sure to alert us that you signed up by following our profile on Musicoin and leaving a comment on our info track. Click Here For That. Once we see you did we'll send you a little Musicoin surprise! :-)

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Nice post my friend i am @djnoel :))))

@kevinwong would probably like the hardstyle, hardcore techno focus of this magazine/website.

Wow. Awesome! So stoked for the new infrastructure for the creators of tomorrow. Signing up now :)


Nice! Yeah its nice to see a site, like Steemit, actually that actually works and has users doing things rather than just putting up web pages about ICOs.