Once upon a time, there was a guy called Bernie...

in cryptocurrency •  4 months ago

Bernie's parents shoved everything up his arse and they decided not to prepare him for the world but to prepare the world for him instead.

Bernie never seemed to have any challenges in his childhood, because he had everything and so he thought his life should continue that way.

Because he was such a spoilt little brat, Bernie thought the world owed him something and that rich people were rich because they had an unfair advantage in life.

This is why Bernie always felt entitled to a share of other people's earnings and so he became a socialist. He wanted everything and do nothing for it and so he voted for the socialist party and applied for benefits.

Once he got paid other people's money for doing fuck all, Bernie decided to buy a MacBook Pro and start blogging against the evils of capitalism, because the world would be so much better off without MacBook Pros and without rich people altogether.

It never occurred to Bernie that rich people probably were rich, because they worked hard for it and that it was nobody's fault but his own that he was such a miserable fucker.

Unfortunately this all did not happen too long ago and Bernie is still alive. Actually, there are plenty of Bernies nowadays.

What Bernie hasn't come to realise yet is that cryptocurrency is a great thing and that it soon will be replacing fiat currency and central banks altogether.

This is bad for for Bernie, because the more people are using cryptocurrency and realising its potential, the less legalised robbery the state can carry out and one day Bernie's beloved socialist party won't be able to pay for his evil MacBook Pro anymore and Bernie will fall into a deep depression... Or alternatively start calling himself an "anarchist" (and thus ruining the good name of real, peaceful anarchists), dressing up in black, pulling his mum's hose pants over his face before throwing rocks through store windows - like at an Apple store, because it's obviously their fault that Bernie's anti-capitalism blog wasn't successful enough to overthrow the evil empire.

Bernie is a poor sod. I'm really sorry for him... No, actually I'm not. Fuck Bernie!

Don't be like Bernie. Don't be a dick.

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