Do you want to tell us a bit more about why you think Bitcoin isn't ? I'm highly interested in the subject.

I put it to some perspective on this article comparing the "money sizes".

The way I see it, we can head down two paths:

  • Bitcoin and decentralized crypto take over the world. In this scenario, all the reigning currencies (I wouldn't dare to guess) are incredibly undervalued right now.

  • We head towards govern issued tokens (old economy, new protocol), then the purely currency coins (not companies' tokens) are overvalued, since their value will probably approach zero.

Makes sense to you ? where do you stand on that ?

Interesting post - these things are very subjective. I think I may consider answering this in a post.

All right then. I'll be following you, expecting to see it !
Make sure to post the link here whenever it comes out.

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