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Look guys and girls. I've been in the crypto market since 2013. This is not at all the first time we has seen Whales come in to splash around.

There is a giant sell wall of weak hands right now. We don't know for certain where it is headed. It could easily be down to 3cents or a 1cent but I'm telling you when it does come back and get to where it should be sitting. Which is at or above 1$ with a 100 billion $ marketcap all these people selling are going to HIGHLY regret it. Bookmark this page and look back at it in 1 months time.

Seriously if you buy a coin and expect to make Lamborghini gains in 1 or 2 weeks and are going to panic sell when it goes down you have some mental issues that need to be addressed and that is about as nice as I can say it. In the crypto space the rule is to HODL. That means HOLD people. That is what limits supply and drives price up. If you don't understand this you need to go to day trading stocks. Crypto is not traded on minute or even day charts.

Tron is an AMAZING project with a INSANELY GENIUS and active founder.

Take some time to really look at the scale of this project. Justin Sun is putting so much into it. Honestly in my personal opinion this is the greatest project of all the crypto projects.

This is an answer to net neutrality and pioneering the way to the future.

I will say it now.


The strong will come out VERY well. This will go down one of the most intense swings in all of crypto history.

  • This is not investment advice and is only for entertainment or information purposes. I am not an accredited investor.

I am however a guy who ALWAYS come out postive on crypto trades since 2013 and am now traveling the world living my dream because of it and I didn't just come from nothing. I came from an extreme broken home and a very harsh tragic environment with absolutely no help. Crypto has saved my life. Actually the amount of effort and action I have put into the field has saved my life.

My 2 biggest positions are on TRON and ETHEREUM.

I urged people to get into Ether at 12$ and I herd all the same things ... FUD FUD FUD FUD

It's ok if you guys don't want to listen to the vets in the field. You can look back at the charts later and say things like..

" oh man look.. if you had just bought there and held on you would be a millionaire.... "

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Resteem and EARN!!



I have been buying on the way down, looking for this upward move.

I'm really not sure about Tron as it just looks like a cut and paste job with a strong marketing effort. https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/7qfjef/tron_gets_caught_again_plagiarised_white_paper/

The way I see it is nearly every project in crypto is copied and all are to a degree regardless. It is a new space and in this space it is the ones with the marketing power that will come out on top. That is the way business works. Everyones concern with the whitepaper really doesn't make sense to me. What matters is that we have a team that can actually bring this project out. Looking at Justin Sun and how active he is I can't see a better team. What other founder do you see so publicly on any coin? I see some that are out there but none like this. There is also this rule out there that a lot are not aware of which is "any press is good press' i.e. Trump. When one understands business to a high degree looking at Tron is very exciting. The business genius of this founder has yet to fully unveil itself. ( Just my 2 cents on this )


Did you read the whitepaper? Tell us WHY you think the founder is such a genius. WHAT makes TRON so exceptional?

You can pick up TRON TRX on Binance https://www.binance.com/?ref=12059928

I highly recommend this exchange. The fee's are the lowest possible when using bnb. Follow my link and pick up some highly discounted TRX!

awesome advice i am holding my tron and riding it

@deniguerrera very good move. This project is amazing!

Excellent enlightenment.....Thanks. please how can i trade tron. help by being a mentor.

thank you!

@kuboskeey you can make an account here https://www.binance.com/?ref=12059928

You will need to transfer some Bitcoin or Ethereum to the exchange or possibly Litecoin then convert to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Then you can trade your Bitcoin or Ethereum to Tron with is ticker TRX.

Hope this helps

Okay, thanks Boss, will get back soon....

I've opened an account, please you will have to teach me in detail, as you can see, i'm a Nigerian.....and i'm new to cryptos, please teach me in detail. Thanks. which platform can we use to chat
and concerning the referral, what's the gain, and how can i generate my own link form binance, if possible, i'm interested in referring people. Thanks, need the answer ASAP

good post, just bough some a few days ago, now I have no choice but to hodl!!

@themandarin This is typically what we have always done with crypto. A lot of new people in the market think it was just going up up up everywhere. That was not always the case. We will not see that until a huge amount of money comes into the total marketcap again

Soon they will call us MEGATRON!


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Hope you are right. With the amount of misinformation around TRON (and other cryptos) is really hard to make a good decision or to choose an investment.