Kraken Back Online But Withdrawals Are Unavailable

After being offline for 2 days Kraken users are now able to log in and deposit but unable to withdraw from their accounts.

Hmm, I think I'll hold off until I can get the measly little pittance I have there out before I drop more of my hard earned money into a hole.


Binance is better than Kraken

Is that just an opinion or are there quantifiable reasons?

I went with Kraken because I don't need to link fiat money with the exchange (I already have that at Gemini) I just wanted an exchange that offered the ability to trade different coins.

I took the time to check it out and it looks like you're right about Binance.

Thanks for the heads up.

yup, many major exchanges around the world that do fiat to cryptos are unavailable. Those that are available are charging, to me, insane fees cough cough coinbase. Looking for a better to integrate my fiat into the system.

I hope you get that money

It's not a lot of money but it sure doesn't create a very positive image for them.