How to get free Waves Coins

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Hi all,
I’m an adventurer in the world of cryptocurrencies, started very abrupt not so long ago, every day is full with amazing discoveries and hidden treasures.
Today I want to share with you how I discovered Waves, one of the best new decentralized Exchanges. Two weeks ago I was looking to diversify my cryptocurrency portfolio. How exciting and how full of richness is the world of altcoins!! I remember a few years ago, there was only Bitcoin. Now there are dozens of coins!! How to choose? Very difficult task.
I have to say, “Do your own research” is key. I know it’s very hard and time-consuming, but it’s the only way the be convinced and to believe yourself in one coin or the other. Even then there is no guarantee, but you have a better feeling than just shooting arrows in the dark.
So I discovered Waves on a FB group. I saw a screenshot of how someone received free Waves! Wow, that was suddenly very interesting!
I researched a bit their website: and their community:
Sounded good!

I don’t want to keep you in the dark for longer, here are the two methods I discovered, maybe there are others how to get Waves for free:

  1. Waves Leasing – How it works?

Coin Leasing is a another type of coins mining. Instead of needing those powerful but expensive GPU rigs to mine, you can lease (lend) your coins to the network mining nodes to secure the blockchain and you will get for that interest on your coins. And these guys give at the moment 100% of their earnings back!

First of all you will need the Waves LiteClient Wallet ( and to transfer your Waves coins to the Waves Wallet. (If you don’t have any, you can buy Waves on Bittrex)
When the Waves coins are transferred to your wallet you can use the “Leasing” button to lease your Waves to the Mining nodes, basically to another Wallet. Here is a list of the Top Mining Nodes

a) Wavesnode - the main one
b) Fountain Perpetua Sphearis and Wolfofwaves LPoS Mining node

Step 1: Open your Waves LiteClient
Step 2: Select the Leasing tab:
Step 3: Enter Address and Amount to Lease
like this one from Perpetua: 3PFrn8EHRhjJGEQxYwWKdJcwcsW1XFRJbmz
Step 4: Click Lease, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the rewards.

  1. Waves Faucet
    Well, the guys from Waves want to give back from their earnings! There are Waves faucets where you get every 60 mined blocks (around every hour), up to 0.0001 Waves and most of the time a surprise coin from the waves network. It’s not much, but hey, now Waves is on the rise, it’s already passed 5 USD, who knows what one Waves coin might be worth in 6 months time!
    Here are the places you can drink from the Waves fountains:

Get Waves and tokens on faucets powered by the Wavesdrop engine:

I still surprise myself visiting these fountains almost every hour and see my waves account grow!

I hope you have by now a good starting point in the world of the waves coin. Of course I said nothing about their DEX, decentralized exchange, which is an amazing thing! I let you explore that!

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you liked it or if you have questions.

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From the time of this post have you discovered any more faucets?

Hey, this looks great. One neat way to grow by getting free coins! Thanks for the leg up!

exactly! :) thanks!



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Great! I've been ready on there.. One of the wavesdrop faucet called "fortune token" and I got many kind of token. I don't know that token valuable or not.. But i like to collect them ☺☺

Waves is interesting. I think it has a great potential, like all other decentralized exchanges.

looks great...will try it

THANK YOU SO MUCH , this information has been very important to me. am about to start leasing

Since the time of this post have you discovered any other faucets?

Found one more faucet

I love waves lite client look amazing....

Not working for me, still for you?

Can you lease from the mobile app?

Not that I have figured out. Very basis functionality on the droid app. Windows desktop version is much better.

Is any faucet still working ? I had no success yet

today working all faucets

I found some wavesdrop faucets,like $OCL
And then you can change asset to find another


nice thx :)

Great! Thanks man.

yes i am there, it nice

Great post!

I would also look into Crowdholding. They are a co-creation platform. You log in for free, respond to tasks with feedback and receive cryptocurrencies such as (SmartCash, DeepOnion and many others).