5 Ways the Crypto Community is Making a Difference

It's true that a handful of people can make a big difference

In this conversation recorded at the World Blockchain Forum Tijo talks with Danny Sessoms and Jason King.

Jason is the Founder of Unsung, a platform that connects volunteer drivers with restaurants who have excess food so that food can be given to someone in need rather than thrown away.

Check out their website - http://www.unsung.org/

Danny is the host of The Crypto Show - a radio broadcast based in Austin, Texas. He also works with Dash and Unsung to help people in the Austin area. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey Danny gathered his team, stocked up on basic necessities, and headed into the impact zone

Check out The Crypto Show - http://thecryptoshow.com/

The better the economic vessel is doing as a whole, the more successful we all are

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Thank you! This was a great interview.
Big fan of The Crypto Show.
Thank you and Steem On.


Thanks for the support :)

Highly rEsteemed! Danny is a saint!
Thank you for sharing this and for giving exposure to @cryptoshow.



<3 Awesome! :)

Jason is a great guy and is spoken highly of across the whole crypto community. Resteemed


Thank you Randy :)

I love the community initiative that Jason and Danny did following that horrible hurricane. Life is about helping those who are less fortunate to the best of our abilities. I wish the unsung all the best and great success in its charity work :)


We 2nd that!