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HeY BeaR - ))

LOVING your TRAJECTORY & INVOLVEMENT these days !! - ))
.. sorry can't get to the v-id right now - ((
Later today .. for sure !! - ))

Block Chain "PAY-ROLL" .. couldn't STEEM 'as it is' act as a payroll mechanism ?? (ie) .. an employer makes a significant capital investment, and then auto-votes their employees ?? .. without ever surrendering their capital ??-))
.. the only real draw back, is potential flagging -))
Which could easily be mitigated, through transparency -))
= .. why flag 'new' stake holders of STEEM -))
= .. make friends with them !! - ))
ha ha - ))

This is a project i'm currently working on, through a "woofing / piece work" group i'm involved with !! - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )