💥 NEW CLIF HIGH INTERVIEW // OMG Up 30,000%!?? 💥

This is a must watch for everyone interested in crypto, technology, media, and global issues.

Clif and Tijo talk Omisego to Neo, Populous, Veritaseum and the rest of the crypto currency sphere + the Bitcoin and blockchain community in general.

Tijo has the chance to ask him about what his web bot data is saying about our direction as a society

The discussion ends off with new technologies, future developments, and !!KOZ media!!


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Amazing interview! I resteemed!


Thank you :)

Great interview with Clif, Tijo. In the flow, in the know.
Psychotronics, it's in your focused intent.
Clif the warrior coder sees it emitting from a device into the Field.
Years ago a mentor, using a radionics instrument as a healing instrument, told me that it was only a
crutch, eventually we will just heal with our focused intent.
As musicians we create and manipulate this Field, with our intent through our instruments.
With this as a seed thought, perhaps a tune on the Oud may reveal much more.

This was an excellent interview, I really enjoyed the discussion! Thank you!

Thanks for the interview! I have been following clif for quite some time and he has always been an insightful fellow. These trends are looking to be most excellent!


Thank you! We agree!

Thank you. Great interview!

Thank you so much for posting this special interview.

Full 100% upvoted and resteemed :-)

This is gold -- I love cliff and his reports. Thank you for this great interview.

Outstanding interview. Thank you!

I've been following Clif High for quite sometime and have purchased a few of his reports. Every time I watch him, I learn something new. This man is not only incredibly intelligent, he is intriguing, and has great stories!

So cool. Congrats to this great interview partner.
After my thai yoga massage I will listen the whole interview :-)
Upvoted and resteemed :-)


That was a very cool interview. Good to know that I am really well prepared and now I will get a truck load OMG ;-)
Thanks for sharing.